LOST SOCIETY – Unveil Cover Art for “Terror Hungry”


LOST SOCIETY, one of the most promising Finnish newcomer bands of our times, have just released the cover artwork for their upcoming album “Terror Hungry”.

The artwork for the band’s new album was created by Jan Meininghaus (BOLT THROWER, SICK OF IT ALL, UDO, HOLY MOSES, DEBAUCHERY…).

Mastermind Samy states:

“We were totally blown away with the sketch we got, and even more so when we got the final artwork!! The cover really fits the theme of the album

as it has a more dark feel to it and it’s brutal as f**k! The dude holding the bloody machete is definitely terror hungry!  Jan did an awesome job, this cover is sick!”

Jan Meininghaus adds:

“I was asked to do “Lost Society’s” new album cover and first of all I had to face the fact that I had to follow their debut album’s art that was created by the legendary Ed Repka. 

One of the true heros of my own Thrash-Metal days. So I decided to go a different way and create the band’s cover idea in a much darker and less cartoony mood than the debut’s. 

“Lost Society”‘s musical style and their approach to Metal is very 80s Bay Area” to me so I thought it might be fun to paint something that might have been on one of those record 

covers these days. I listened to “Lost Society” and my old Exodus, Testament and Forbidden vinyls and it was a blast to come up with “Terror Hungry” artwork!”

The new album is set to be released April 4th and the four newbies have set their own standards even higher. Produced by Nino Laurenne (AMORPHISENSIFERUMLORDI) at the

renowned Sonic Pump studios (FINNTROLL, SONATA ARCTICAOMNIUM GATHERUM), the Finns shred their way through the new record with the energy and speed of an

out-of-control freight train, rolling downhill on the way to Thrash-Olymp.


Nuclear Blast EUROPE is going to do a FAN INTERVIEW video with Lost Society! So if you have any questions, this is where to submit them:



The tracklist of »Terror Hungry« reads as follows:

01. Spurgatory

02. Game Over

03. Attaxic

04. Lethal Pleasure

05. Terror Hungry

06. Snowroad Blowout

07. Tyrant Takeover

08. Overdosed Brain

09. Thrashed Reality

10. F.F.E.

11. Brewtal Awakening

12. Mosh It Up

13. Wasted After Midnight


14. You Can’t Stop Rock ‘N’ Roll

www.facebook.com/lostsocietyfinland I www.nuclearblast.de/lostsociety

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