Music Review: Altar of Betelgeuze CD: Darkness Sustains the Silence


Available: NOW

Label: Memento Mori

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I don’t believe I have heard a death metal band before that sounds as diverse as Altar of Betelgeuze.  On one hand they have a very death metal styled vocalist but the music is more doom oriented.  Also, on several songs the band either has a clean styled vocal singer sharing vocal duties on a song or singing the entire song or they had the death metal singer doing the work.  Regardless this gave the band an extra layer of depth that you wouldn’t find on most other death metal offerings.  Also, I found the songs themselves to contain catchy type riffs and music which made the album entertaining to listen to.  But was it all fun and death at the Altar?  Well sort of…

Doom metal is a bit hit or miss for me…I like a lot of it but some of it makes me doze off.  Death metal is a genre that I mostly can’t comprehend.  While doom metal threatens to put me to sleep, death metal threatens to blow my brains out of my earholes.  So how does a mixture of these styles sit with me?  Well pretty good actually.  I really liked the how ‘Darkness Sustains the Light’ mixed in the best of both genres to put out a unique styled album.  You have the music form of doom metal but with some small high energy doses from death metal to keep me awake and you have the slow elements of doom metal mixed in to keep me from turning off a cacophony of mindless noise.  So a lot of the album balances out a lot of the negatives from both genres.

To me the highlights of the album were when the clean/doom style vocalist came in and sang.  I felt it really added to the songs and took the band to another level.  I’m not sure if this guy is a guest vocalist or just another singer in the band but he does a good job.  But that may be just me as death metal vocals really kind of shut me down so for others it may not be an issue.

I think fans of death metal will enjoy this album maybe a bit more than doom metal fans but fans of both genres can find something worthwhile here and I think they offer a metal listener something different than other standard metal offerings.




Matias Nastolin – Bass, Vocals
Olli “Otu” Suurmunne – Guitars, Vocals
Juho Kareoja – Guitars
Aleksi Olkkola – Drums

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