Music Review: Eternal Storm – From The Ashes EP


Label: Self-released

Available: Now




by: Juuso Viljanen



Melodic death metal is a genre that includes a great variety of bands. Amon Amarth, Mors Principium Est, MyGrain and Children Of Bodom could all be counted as melodic death metalers, just to name a few. Spanish Eternal Storm gets added to this genre and while listening to their debut EP ‘From The Ashes’ it’s easy to understand why.


No clean singing, blastbeats, double bass drumming, crushing guitar and bass sounds and riffs for furious headbanging. In fact Eternal Storm sounds a bit like Amon Amarth, mainly because of the vocals. Vocalist and bassist Kheryon does have same tone in his voice as Johan Hegg. Of course there’s nothing about vikings on ‘From The Ashes’. Eternal Storms lyrics are about inner struggles, personal growth, philosophy and society.


‘From The Ashes’ is a solid piece of melodic death metal. It includes an intro, six songs and an outro track, which is quite nice length for an EP. And the songs themselves are good. The band was formed in 2006, so it was about a time they released something. Their debut release is proof of the potential this band has. Just a bit more vision and variations for songs and we’re talking about a huge band right here.

RATING: 3½ / 5

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