LOST SOCIETY – new album details revealed


LOST SOCIETY, one of the most promising Finnish newcomers of our times, are back with a vengeance in 2014.


The new album named »Terror Hungry« is set to be released April 04 and the four newbies set their own standards even higher.

Produced by Nino Laurenne (AMORPHISENSIFERUMLORDI) at the renowned Sonic Pump studios (FINNTROLL, SONATA ARCTICAOMNIUM GATHERUM),

the Finns shred their way through the new record with the energy and speed of an out-of-control freight train, rolling downhill on the way to Thrash-Olymp.

Mastermind Samy Elbanna commented:

“Lost Society is back, and we’re angrier than ever! The new album ‘Terror Hungry’ is a full on thrash album from start to finish, with a darker and

even more aggressive feel to it! It has the signature elements of that make up Lost Society, and we’ve put in more groove riffage, more mind

blistering guitar shredding and some of the fastest stuff we’ve ever done! Look out, this ones gonna be FASTER, LOUDER and we’re more pissed off than ever!!”


The tracklist of »Terror Hungry« reads as follows:


01. Spurgatory

02. Game Over

03. Attaxic

04. Lethal Pleasure

05. Terror Hungry

06. Snowroad Blowout

07. Tyrant Takeover

08. Overdosed Brain

09. Thrashed Reality

10. F.F.E.

11. Brewtal Awakening

12. Mosh It Up

13. Wasted After Midnight


14. You Can’t Stop Rock ‘N’ Roll


The debut »Fast Loud Death« already displayed a true Oldschool-Thrash manifest in 2013 and managed

to amaze press and scene veterans such as KREATORTANKARDDESTRUCTION or TESTAMENT alike.


Don’t miss LOST SOCIETY on Tour:


24.01.2014 DE Aalen – Rock It
25.01.2014 DE Essen – Turock
26.01.2014 BE Vosselaar – Biebob
27.01.2014 UK London – The Underworld
28.01.2014 FR Paris – Glazart
29.01.2014 FR Nantes – Ferrailleur
30.01.2014 DE Trier – ExHaus
31.01.2014 AT Dornbirn – Schlachthaus
01.02.2014 CH Aarau – Kiff
02.02.2014 AT Graz – Explosiv
03.02.2014 IT Brescia – Circolo Colony
04.02.2014 IT Bologna – Freak Out Club
05.02.2014 DE Bamberg – Live Club
06.02.2014 DE Freiburg – Walfisch
07.02.2014 AT Salzburg – Rockhouse
08.02.2014 DE München – Backstage
09.02.2014 AT Wien – Escape
10.02.2014 SI Ljubljana – Orto Bar
11.02.2014 HUN Budapest – Dürer Kert
12.02.2014 CZ Prague – Nova Chmelnice
13.02.2014 DE Darmstadt – Steinbruch Theater
14.02.2014 DE Peine/OT Gadenstädt – Black Hand Inn
15.02.2014 DE Leipzig – Hellraiser
16.02.2014 PL Wroclaw – Firley
17.02.2014 DE Berlin – K17
18.02.2014 DE Greifswald – Klex
19.02.2014 DK Copenhagen – Beta
20.02.2014 DE Hamburg – Marx
21.02.2014 NL Drachten – Iduna
22.02.2014 DE Köln – MTC
23.02.2014 NL Rotterdam – Baroeg

www.facebook.com/lostsocietyfinland I www.nuclearblast.de/lostsociety

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