New Friday the 13th film Rumored to be a Re-boot AND a Found Footage Film?


For the past few days rumors have swirled up again about a new Friday the 13 film…which would actually be the 13th film in the franchise.  So to me this should mark some sort of special entry into the films timeline.  As a result we have rumors regarding…

Making the film a reboot…which was what happened with the last one in 2009 AND making it a found footage film?

For me, I never minded found footage films.  I know many people hate them and see them as boring except for the last 20 minutes of the movies.  For me, if the story is good and interesting I don’t mind them and think they are kind of interesting.  Making one based on Friday the 13th though seems somewhat of an oddity to me.  I’m open minded enough to leave open the possibility that it could be done and it would be at least a new idea for the series but found footage films tend to be a more subtle affair than a slasher film.  especially one involving Jason.

Which brings me to my next point…there are rumors that Jason may not even be in the film???  That worked with part 1 but he has become a stable of the franchise.  That rumor makes it sound as if they may try to go a Halloween 3 type of route…and that didn’t work back in the 80’s at all and I’m not sure it would work now.

Also, while I am open to the idea of a found footage angle there are some other stories or ideas that I think better serve F13 than a found footage story.  Such as the one that has floated around for a few years of the movie taking place at Camp Crystal Lake during the winter with snow everywhere.  I think that would be really cool to see and they have explored that idea in some comics.  Also there was a novel written several years ago about a religious sect moving onto the campground and Jason being used by the cult leader as some kind avenging angel of retribution of God on sinners and I found that story pretty well written and really enjoyed it.  I think that would be cool to see set to film.

So what do you all in internet land think the new F13 film should be in terms of story and setting?


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