Music Review: Morguenstern CD: Sepulchral Burden

Sepulchral Burden

LABEL: GlobMetal Promotions

Available: NOW

Official Website:

A Russian Horror themed metal/punk band?!  Sign me up!  When I got an email with a promo for Morguenstern’s ‘Sepulchral Burden’ and saw it was described as a horror themed type of outfit I was really excited as I think bands like Lordi, Misfits and others always offer a unique type of musical and visual experience.  I am also a horror movie fan and like paranormal stuff so when bands sing about such things and they can make their songs weave cool stories I find that as an extra bonus.  Unfortunately for me the band sings in Russian, so I have no idea what the stories of their songs are?  So now I have to gauge the material based purely on the musical side of things and how I think it sounds in correlation to what horror music should sound like…in my mind anyway.

So how does Morguenstern sound musically?  Do they SOUND like a horror themed band?  Well…sort of.  They do implement some sounds that try to invoke a gothic/horror theme, most notably the use of the organ.  The band however is hit and miss in this area.  There are some songs that are pretty good such as ‘Dosvidaniya’ which I felt was a really strong song but there are others that don’t leave much of an impression or sound very ‘spooky’.

For a band that is supposed to be horror themed I can’t really hear much of that in their music.  It’s not that the music is bad but I don’t feel the gothic horror vibe I was hoping for.  Now granted, I do not understand Russian and the lyrics may drip with theme but it’s lost to me.

As a result I was a little let down in ‘Sepulchral Burden’ in the fact that, for a non-Russian ear, it didn’t deliver the horror party I was hoping for.  On the flip side of that, the band isn’t bad and neither is the music it’s just I can’t tell what is being sang about and for a horror themed band I think that is pretty important if the music itself doesn’t create that atmosphere for the listener.

RATING: 2.75/5

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