Music Review: Hammer Fight CD: Chug of War


Available: Now

Label: Horror Gore Pain Death Productions

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New Jersey has had a long history of thrash metal with Overkill being one of the more famous bands from the state.  As a result, there seems to be a revival of thrash metal from the state with bands like Midnite Hellion and in the band being reviewed here, Hammer Fight.  Hammer Fight’s songs tend to lean a little more on the lighter side of things in terms of subject matter in some songs as opposed to Overkill but make no mistake the band has got thrash metal running through its veins pretty strong.

‘Chug of War’ is a thrash metal album peppered with songs about drinking and other silly, social disasters.  So take that for what it is worth.  Talking on the musical side of things ‘Chug of War’ sounds like a tightly played thrash metal assault.  The production sounds tight and the band plays well as a unit which is always good to hear.  The other stand out aspect of ‘Chug of War’ is vocalist Drew Murphy.  Drew sounds like a mix between Lemmy of Motorhead and Cronos of Venom.  So from now on I shall refer to him as…Motorvenom!

Motorvenom’s vocals give a nice unique vibe to Hammer Fight that gives their music a more rougher edge to an already aggressive style of playing.  I think this is a good thing overall though at times the vocals are at a point I don’t understand what Motorvenom is singing but then again it kind of fits the genre of metal here.

Overall, I liked Hammer Fight’s ‘Chug of War’.  It has 13 tracks of full throttle Thrash metal, it’s played well and even though the subject matter on some songs might not be what every listener is looking for the music more than makes up for that.  While ‘Chug of War’ may not set the metal world on fire you could certainly do a lot worse.




Drew Murphy – Bass, Vocals
Todd Stern – Guitar
Ryan Blackman – Guitar
Justin Spaeth – Drums

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