Music Review: Unscarred EP: Fake Democracy


Label: Unsigned

Available: NOW

Official Websites:

                Paris thrash metal fronted by a female Iranian singer.  I have to admit…I have never encountered that before but that is what I got here with Unscarred’s ‘Fake Democracy’.   I have to admit what I heard on this five song EP is pretty good, not perfect, but pretty good.

What sticks out for me when I listened to Unscarred first,  believe it or not, was not the female singer but how tight the band sounds.  Unscarred has a sound that that fits really well together and each musician sounds like they compliment and sound good together.  So as a band, Unscarred sound like a really well put together unit that play to their strengths very well.  Musically the band is very solid and the guitars sound very fresh and aggressive while the female singer Niloofar’s voice really compliments the style of thrash metal being played here.  She doesn’t try to be a high pitched screamer or a deep guttural, brutal one either.  She sings in a way that fits the songs and her voice which I think is what every singer should do…sing in a style that fits their voice and the music.

Unscarred have the right elements in place to be a successful thrash band though I feel the songwriting could use a little work to make their songs a little more memorable.  As of right now the songs aren’t bad but they need some good hooks in them to make a listener think…’Yeah!  I remember when I first heard this and it was Awesome!’   Again the songs are not bad but just need a little extra something added to push them to the next level of thrash.

Give Unscarred a listen at the Band Camp link above, the song ‘100 Lashes’ is pretty killer.  They are a good listen and have some excellent thrash going on and I hope to hear more in the future!

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