Music Review: Amaze Knight CD: The Key


Label: Unsigned

Available: Now

Official Websites:


                Prog Rockers…I don’t care what they try to label themselves as or disguise themselves as in their press bios; I can always sniff out prog rockers.  Amaze Knight contains almost everything a prog rock/metal band can aspire to be.  The long songs that have lengthy musical interludes in between the singing, the ‘far out dude’ type of musical playing style and a vocalist that would fit in with Dream Theater.  Prog Rockers…they just think they are so good at what they…and in the case of Amaze Knight they really are pretty talented.

                It’s no secret I’m not a BIG fan of Prog metal type bands.  It’s not that I don’t think they are good, or lack talent, or SUCK or really anything like that.   It’s just with most of them I tend to fall asleep because the songs don’t really kick in for me and they last forever.  They just always made me feel as if I needed to go in my bedroom, turn off all the lights, turn on a black light and smoke a bowl.  It was just never my style of music. 

                The good news for Amaze Knight is that they didn’t make me space out into a doob haze (too much).  While Amaze Knight do contain all the trappings of a Prog metal band, their songs are engaging enough to have kept me interested in what was being played while also not making me think I needed to know astrophysics to understand their musical compositions. 

                Now ‘The Key’ does have a few flaws, though they are minor but for fans of this genre they may not be an issue.  One problem I had was with the singer.  The singer I can tell is still trying to get his feet under him as I can tell he has nice potential but still his voice is a little flat.  I think this is something that will work itself out as he continues to sing as I can tell the voice is there it’s just not all coming out yet.  The second issue I had was with…the song lengths…they are long…and I’m just not very patient.  But that is just a personal taste of mine not really a knock on the band really.

                ‘The Key’ contains 5 songs that are at least nearly 9 minutes long and filled with a lot of nice musicianship that really craft some nice songs.  The very last song is Liberation (A New Day) that is almost entirely an instrumental but a very nice and touching tune and one of the best tunes on the 5 song album.

                The other songs on ‘The Key’ all have very nice, soothing, musical touches with some slight aggressiveness to some of them.  Amaze Knight have all the right ingredients to be a successful Prog band for current fans of the genre and for those looking to get into this type of music.  Again, I was never a huge fan of this genre but Amaze Knight is now one of the bands in this area of music I can say I am appreciative of and glad to have heard.



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