Music Review: Legion of the Damned CD: Ravenous Plague


Label: Napalm Records

Available: January 3rd, 2014

Official Websites


Growing up I never got in the more extreme thrash metal acts like Destruction, Sodom or Kreator but since I started my site I have been exposed and opened up to more acts that delve into the realm of more aggressive styles of metal.  Now I have found some bands that have surprised me, some that I thought were ok and others that I just couldn’t get into at all.  Legion of the Damned, for me, is a band that kind of falls right in the middle.  They don’t make me drop my jaw in wonderment but I recognize the talent they have and that they will appeal to fans of the more extreme forms of thrash metal.

When listening to ‘Ravenous Plague’ it’s very evident that the band draws from acts like Kreator and Sodom.  You have a very aggressive and harsh vocal style and guitars that sometimes go into the realm of black metal type playing.  As I mentioned earlier I never got into Kreator or Sodom growing up but also have been more exposed to them as I started my site and happen to actually like their new albums ‘Phantom Anti-Christ’ and ‘Epitome of Torture’ respectively.  As a result I feel Legion of the Damned come in somewhere along the same lines as these bands.

I feel my favorite song on ‘Ravenous Plague’ is the tune ‘Bury Me in a Nameless Grave’ which I thought was a really strong song with some really great guitar riffs and songwriting.  I feel if more songs on the album were along this style I would have really marked this album super high for me personally.  But many of the other songs on the album are very chaotic and some really going into black metal territory in some cases and for me…that just isn’t my thing.

However, don’t let my personal bias against certain play styles dissuade you from checking out ‘Ravenous Plague’ by any means.  Legion of the Damned sports some great talent, play what they play very well and I feel they might have a strong future in front of them as a newcomer in the extreme metal scene.  So if that is your thing make sure you check them out as I don’t think you will be disappointed.



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