Music Review: FS Project EP: Birth of a Magus


Available: NOW

Label: Unsigned

Official Websites:


It’s always a cool treat to be able to hear some metal from Russia as I don’t always get to…well hear a lot of metal from Russia and when I do they always seem to have a unique style in how they play they genre.  I can’t always put my finger on what it is that makes Russian metal bands sound different than bands playing metal from other countries but there is for certain a unique ‘feel’ to bands who play metal from Russia.  And when you can sound unique in the music business today it’s always a good thing.

So I am presented with a band called FS Project and their EP ‘Birth of the Magus’.  The EP contains 3 songs with my favorite being the opener with the same name as the EP.  It sounds fresh yet a lot like a traditional metal song and has a very fist pumping kind of style to it which is always great.  The second best song on the EP is the third track called, ‘Fingolfin’ which starts out with a sinister sounding riff and sounds like it will be a very dark and evil song but actually is mixed with some keyboards and some upbeat sounds as well but still offers a strong song.

It should be noted that the songs are sung in Russian so I don’t know what the hell is being talked about other than from maybe the song titles which would be about magicians I guess and ‘Fingolfin’ is based on the ‘Silmarillion’ so…Lord of the Rings stuff.  Haha.

Overall FS Project offers some good tunes to listen to.  The production value is good, the musicianship is solid and the songs themselves are enjoyable.  My only complaint would be that the songs can be a little too poppy but still not so bad that they are unenjoyable.

When FS Project releases a full LP it should make a fine metal album to listen to and everyone should keep an eye out for it.


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