Music Review: Satan’s Host CD: Virgin Sails


Label: Moribund

Available: NOW

Official Websites:


Well what do we have here?  A Power Black Metal band?  Interesting indeed!  I always found the Black Metal genre a genre that for the life of me I could never get into, (with a VERY few exceptions here and there).  The vocals totally turned me off and the lack of nearly any kind of melodies or coherent musical form.  However, I always thought the imagery and themes Black metal bands portrayed were very intriguing to me.  So when I suddenly see a band that supposedly is a Black metal band but sings in a Power metal style I thought this is finally the merging of two genres that can take the strengths of each and make something wonderful.  What I discovered was maybe there is a reason you can’t understand what Black metal bands are singing about…

Satan’s Host is fronted by former Jag Panzer vocalist Harry Conklin which I thought was fantastic because Jag Panzer rocked.  SO I was really excited to hear what Power Black Metal had to offer!

What I found it had to offer was a lot of songs that droned on and on, lyrically nothing was engaging to me and there was nothing distinct about any of the songs.  The only difference in me listening to Satan’s Host from any other Black metal band is that the singer was understandable and musically you had some variation…but not much.

Lyrically, the songs are all about what a Black metal band would sing about which the idea in and of itself is solid but when you hear it with Power metal vocals it is boring.  So maybe the Black metal guys got it right, sing in such a horrible manner maybe it can compensate for boring song writing and make them look cool and ‘evil’ to fans.  Well it doesn’t but neither does this method.

I still hold out hope that such a merging of genres can produce a great album somewhere but it’s not with ‘Virgin Sails’.  Come on!  Someone out there can do it!!!




Patrick Evil -Guitars;
Leviathan Thisiren -Vocals;
Anthony Lopez -Drums;
Margar -Bass

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