TIMO TOLKKI’S AVALON Begin Recording New Album, Original STRATOVARIUS Keyboardist Antti Ikonen Added To Line-Up

VIA: Bravewords.com

The recordings for the new album from TIMO TOLKKI’S AVALON began on November 25th at East Sounds Studios in Helsinki, Finland with drum recordings from original STRATOVARIUS drummer and Tolki’s former bandmate, Tuomo Lassila..

In addition, original Stratovarius keyboardist Antti Ikonen has joined the line-up. He played all keyboards on the classic Stratovarius albums such as Fright Night, Twilight Time, Dreamspace and Fourth Dimension. The album is the first time Tolkki, Lassila and Ikonen have worked together since 1995.

Tolkki: “It is incredibly refreshing to create and play new music with his old friends and that the spirit and the atmosphere has been absolutely great and positive!”

Fans can follow the progress of the making of the album, including writing and recording sessions and special cameos from the musicians and singers involved, from the new website this location.

The confirmed cast of musicians/singers is once again full of internationally acclaimed artists, with some interesting twists and surprises. It will surely guarantee another masterpiece from one of the forefathers of symphonic melodic power metal.

Simone Simons of EPICA was previously confirmed for the new album. Click her picture here for more info. She is one of the leading ladies in the female voices category in the world, however she is not singing the main role on Avalon II, which is a working title for the album. The final name will be revealed later.

To date, Timo Tolkki has sold over 2 million records in his career, has won a Finnish Grammy and has been chosen by the readers of the American Guitar World magazine to TOP 100 as “the Fastest Guitar Player in the World” and “the Most influential Metal Guitar Player in the World”. He has released 20 albums in his career and toured the world for over 3000 shows in 52 countries.

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