Interview With Vocalist Csaba Zvekan of Exorcism


  • Skullbanger Media: Well met good sirs!  Thanks for taking the time to answer some questions for Skullbanger Media.  So I guess the first order of business is to talk about the band Exorcism itself and how everything came together.  I notice that most members of the band are also members of Ravenlord which is a Power metal band.  Exorcism is a Doom metal band.  So tell us about how Exorcsim was formed basically out of the same band as Ravenlord?

          •        Hi Skullbanger Media and readers. First of all as always I’d like to thank for the opportunity and the interest in EXORCISM. When me and RAVEN LORD played some shows this Summer I already had EXORCISM planned for a near future release. We had interest from a few record labels and paperwork was just about to get ready for signing. On tour I asked JOE STUMP whether he would be interested in recording the guitars for this new project EXORCISM. I explained to him the type of music and what we can do with it. Having a #6 ranking top shredder of the World in a doom metal band my concern was if that would be overkill for such a talent. JOE explained to me that the tempo has very little to do with whether he could craft fast solos on a medium paced music. Today now hearing his work it all makes sense. Shredding is possible on all kinds of scales and tempos. So back to the story as when we shared our hotel during live production a lot was discussed and we could prepare and exchange ideas for this future product EXORCISM. After JOE STUMP was in I asked LUCIO MANCA whether he would be interested to play and record with us. He didn’t hesitate either. You see , I tend to work with people who are easy to work with. It’s already hard enough to record an album but with these guys it was a breeze. So what we needed now was a suitable drummer and with a Worldwide search we found GARRY KING. Ever since he joined the band we immediately started working on the new album and were on track.

          •       Skullbanger Media: Do some members sometimes forget they are supposed to be playing Doom metal and revert to Power metal mode and play too fast in rehearsals and create a new genre of metal POWER DOOM METAL!?  Can Joe Stump control himself!  Haha!

          •        Hahahhahaah that’s funny. These guys are professionals and should know the songs. Still make no mistake by thinking that this type of music is boring and very few are being played hahahah. There is some serious shredding coming both from JOE STUMP, LUCIA MANCA and some heavy duty drumming from GARRY KING. Every one of us poured in 100% of our talent and ideas. This will be no boring record hahahahaha. Ohh and the rehearsals will be very minimal as everybody prepares 90% at home anyway. Remember the players are scattered all over the World making weekly rehearsals impossible.


          •        Skullbanger Media: Since Exorcism is a Doom band what influences do the band draw inspiration from for your music and also what do you think will make Exorcism stand out from other Doom Metal bands?

          •        I think the individual players blended in the EXORCISM sound makes the difference as they all have their own style of playing.  OK Imagine Black Sabbath with DIO a bit of JUDAS PRIEST with RAINBOW or DEEP PURPLE notes well packaged in a more modern outfit.

          •        Skullbanger Media: I notice many Doom metal bands use heavy occult themes in their lyrics.  How heavy is this theme in Exorcism’s lyrics?

          •        Well if dooms day scenarios and stories about evil demons and the devil is occult . Then I guess we are. Or just simply writing stories from what we’ve experienced, seen, read or lived. I personally think the second but don’t want to interfere with the listeners imagination and fantasy. It’s up to them to decide how they feel and interpret the themes.


          •        Skullbanger Media: I notice you do not have an album out yet, so how is the songwriting going on new material?  Any song titles you can reveal or talk about?

          •        The debut album is in the making and should be released as early as 2014. The song titles might still change and will be posted once we have artwork and the album ready.


          •        Skullbanger Media: When can we expect to hear some samples?

          •        Although we had demo songs posted for a while. Of course that was taken off the internet as we make the album now. We just have to be patient for a few more months and then it’s out for all to hear. In the meantime people could check out our video interview series with behind the scenes. There are little snippets of this and that to be found.


          •        Skullbanger Media: Are there any live dates planned in the near future?       

          •        That is our main focus to play shows and we will announce festivals and tour as soon as we have something scheduled.


          •        Skullbanger Media:  Since Doom Metal is horror/occult themed mostly tell me your three favorite horror movies…GO!

          •        Ohh man can I give you three of my favourites. Since the first I was gonna give you the “EXORCISM of Emily Rose” is really a true story and movie is more like a court case. It sure scared the hell out of me so that I wrote a song about it and we named our band after it hahahahha. My second favourite would be the black and white “Frankenstein” with Boris Karlof in it. I love that movie and the idea of creating something that then turns out to be a monster for the rest of the World. I think the story to that one is amazing as well. Now the third one is “From Dusk till Dawn” with George Cloony hahahah with all them Vampires and Demons attacking these poor people hahahahaha. Amazing but too bloody sometimes for my taste.


          •        Skullbanger Media:  Being from Tennessee, Elvis is kind of famous from there.  Looking back his voice is kind of Doomy.  If Exorcism was to do an Elvis song Doom style…what song would you do?

          •        Well I knew that one was coming as with the last interview we did together with RAVEN LORD hahahahaha. This is super easy : “… you’re devil in disguise ohh yes you are … the devil in disguise”. The king of rock already sang about the devil and way back in time.


          •        Skullbanger Media:  Ok I think that just about does it and I want to thank you for your time to answer the questions for Skullbanger Media.  This is your chance to leave the world with some parting words of wisdom or some kind of evil doom chant!  Fire away!


OHHHHH hoooooo Wooooooo…. fire, demons and hell  wooooo, hoooo , hoooo skullbanger media and the records we sell hahahahaha \m/. Please check out or Facebook page at or visit our official website at Thanks for this great interview.



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