Music Review: Suicide Kings CD: Generation Suicide


Label: IMM/NMD

Available: December 13, 2013

Official Websites:

                Punk and metal music have always been bastard cousins of each other.  Both seem to be (mostly) hated by so called music scholars, they both espouse rebellion against the establishment and at various times in the history of both genres have competed against each other.  At other times however there have actually been moments when they have come together and formed an interesting blend of music.  Even Iron Maiden’s former vocalist Paul Dianno had a very punk sound to his voice and while Maiden no longer has Dianno we all see what classic songs came out of that union.

So I have been presented with the band The Suicide Kings that attempts to blend the punk elements (vocals) with the heavy metal elements (music).  Punk is known to be a lot more undisciplined in its musical style than heavy metal which requires a very precise form of playing for many of its styles.  So when you see a band attempt to blend both genres there is a lot there that can become a recipe for disaster.  Luckily for The Suicide Kings they are able to bring the strengths of both genres together and form a pretty solid album with ‘Generation Suicide’.

As mentioned, the punk side of things in The Suicide Kings comes from their singer Rüdiger.  Rüdiger brings the angst, fist in the air and snarl lip attitude that punk singers are known for.  He also reminds me a bit of the singer from Rancid, Tim Armstrong.   And as with most punk singers you aren’t going to hear a voice filled with vocal harmonies or the epic range of a power metal singer but a very militant brunt force kind of a voice with a fast cadence to the singing.  If this is your thing, then The Suicide Kings have a very solid punk singer fronting a metal band.  Rüdiger’s voice gives the songs the common man angry attitude that helps keep the songs grounded and fun to listen to.  Added in with the punk voice is also quick sung backing vocals in parts of the songs that is typical of punk songs as well.

From the musical stand point it mostly a full metal output.  ‘Generation Suicide’ is filled with some pretty killer riffs that help compliment the singer’s voice and offers a interesting blend of the punk and metal genres.  While most songs musically are very metal in the riff department there are several that do contain a very punk like sound but played with a razor like precision.  Also, due to the fast singing cadence many songs are also very fast.  No ballads are found here!

Overall, I found ‘Generation Suicide’ a fun listen and very enjoyable.  The Suicide Kings do a good blend of both punk and metal and even throw in some great ‘Let’s go out and get pissed at the pub and drink our faces off!’  type of songs which are some of the strongest on the album.

If you are looking for a solid musical offering from a band that is for the common guy The Suicide Kings’ ‘Generation Suicide’ is an album you should check out as fans of both punk and metal can find something enjoyable to listen to here.




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