Music Review: Lucian the Wolfbearer CD: Void


Label: Unsigned

Available: NOW

Official Websites:

When I get emails from bands or individuals asking me to review their album I do my best to try and do that as it’s very hard for bands to get noticed these days so every little bit of exposure helps.  So I get an email from Lucian the Wolfbearer asking for a review of their new album ‘Void’ who claims to be Nordic Folk music with power metal style vocals.

Being a metal website when I have things come to me from Norway and claiming folk influences I start getting worried as I know the black metal scene there is really strong and I fully expect to hear some form of that in the metal music from there.  And black metal is not a genre that I like very much…so again yeah I was thinking oh boy.  Then seeing the album cover, black cover with skull and spinal cord with antlers coming out of the skull, I was for sure I was getting ready to get my ears raped by black metal.  However something totally unexpected happened.

‘Void’ is truly a Nordic Folk album.  You have a lot of acoustic instruments, a very intimate feel to the music and lyrically you have Nordic folk themes.  Vocal wise the singer is more doom metal than power metal I would say.  In fact the singer reminds me of a famous singer but I can’t seem to recall who it is but he sounds familiar in terms of that they sound alike.  All of this mixed together makes ‘Void’ a great listening experience especially if you are feeling moody or wanting to set a somber mood for house guests.  I wouldn’t say it’s depressing but it sounds very…dire or has certain seriousness to it.  Regardless, it all mixes together very well with the acoustic instruments and the dire vocals giving ‘Void’ a certain uniqueness.

On the production side of things the album sounds professionally done and has a good overall sound.  On one hand this is obviously good on the other I think with the type of music the band is going for here that maybe the sound could have been a bit more ‘analog’ to really capture the mood and atmosphere better.  Don’t mistake that last sentence as a knock on the band in any way, ‘Void’ has a strong album here just an observation I had is all.

Some people might even claim that ‘Void’ isn’t really a metal album, which I would say would be a fair point.  Musically, there isn’t any ‘metal’ shredding or distorted guitars but lyrically and vocally you have all the elements of what would make up a modern day doom band.  So to me ‘Void’ would make a nice addition to a metal fans collection of metal and should be supported.

If you think you would be interested in listening to Lucian the Wolfbearer just click the bandcamp link in the header and take a listen to ‘Void’.  It will be a great listen.

Oh and as a special surprise…the last song is a black metal song…you Nords just couldn’t resist could you!  😉



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