Music Review: Nocturnal Graves CD: …From the Bloodline of Cain


Label: Hells Headbangers

Available: NOW

Official Websites:…

                Anyone who has ever known me, which isn’t many, knows I have never been a huge black/death metal guy.  It just was never for me.  While I liked a lot of the imagery/themes of the music, the vocals always turned me off.  So when I have an opportunity to review such bands I tend to be very selective as most of the time I roll my eyes and move to something else.  The few times I have ever heard these types of bands and enjoyed what I heard, tended to be when they incorporated some kind of catchy riff and have some semblance of listenable vocals.

So we come to Nocturnal Graves which come out of Australia of all places.  Nocturnal Graves claim to be a Death/Thrash band so due to the thrash element I was willing to give them a shot.  Thankfully what I heard wasn’t too bad.  Is it something that gives me a boner listening to it?  Well no, but I don’t go limp either.  Let’s see what we got.

‘…From the Bloodline of Cain’ sports 8 tracks of venomous cutting vocals and guitar work.  It’s pretty vicious stuff and for someone looking to get into heavy metal for the first time, this is not the gateway band to listen to first.  The music sounds like barely controlled chaos and vocals sound more like a black metal singer trying to be understood…which is a good thing.  I have recently listened to another band Toxic Holocaust and Nocturnal Graves remind of them in many ways.   The band sounds like what would happen to Toxic Holocaust if that band decided to go full on death/thrash and drop out the punk/urban decay elements.

‘…From the Bloodlines of Cain’ strong point to me is the thrash elements they incorporate with the guitars and the erratic lead guitar you here in a number of songs.  The songs are crazy, barely controlled and utter chaos but in an oddly listenable way.  Like the band is able to incorporate some kind of contagious madness in their music that compels you to listen even though you know you shouldn’t.

Again, Nocturnal Graves may not be MY kind of band but for extreme metal fans you should check them out as they have some interesting things going on.  What those things are though is for you to decide if you can keep your soul intact by the end of the CD.




J.: Guitars & Vox
R.: Thunderbass
S.R.: Drums

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