ANNIHILATOR – Best Of Jeff Waters Guitar Solo Live Video Clip From Stockholm Show Posted


YouTube user Johnny Riot has posted a Best Of Jeff Waters guitar solo compilation clip, shot at ANNIHILATOR’s November 3rd show in Stockholm, Sweden:

“The best guitar parts that I ‘got on tape’ from this show! I wish I filmed more when I was so close to the stage, but I wasn’t there to watch the show with my iPhone!”

Waters recently checked in from the road with the following:

“Tour is simply one of the best ever. Support band THE GENERALS are all super cool dudes with some mean-ass metal/rock goin on.”

“The shows have been killer. Two shows had low attendance but ended up being some of the best gigs… Packing them in everywhere else. So many kick ass shows and fans… Hamburg sold out show was wicked: Halloween night! Best night ever. Got through my kidney stone and didn’t miss a minute onstage (see hospital pic where I am clearly dying of pain but put my best face on!).”

“Just got off ferry a few hours ago from Stockholm to Turku (Finland). Amazing brand new boat. Super lux hotel on the water. 12 hours of heaven.”

“Back into red car bus… Fantastic home on wheels and now sitting in Tampere hotel lobby waiting for pizza on night off. Tomorrow is Tampere and next day Helsinki. Awesome! Again packed venues to finish off our tour with The Generals. Then to St Petersburg, Russia, then Moscow and then the mighty Istanbul! We don’t wanna stop! C’mon Seaside/ICS Touring: we need to play all year and next year.”

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