Music Review: Lord Fist EP: Wordless Wisdom of Lord Fist


Label: Ektro Records

Available: November 15th, 2013

Official Websites:

AH!  Some old school 80’s style metal in the veins of the NWOBHM!  That is where I feel at home the most when I listen to my metal and it’s always a pleasure to hear bands go back to the roots of metal and play in that style because it feels very retro-fresh…if that makes any sense.  I guess I can try to explain.  As metal has progressed through the years it has added more and more layers to its sound that sometimes it’s easy for the genre to lose the core sound of what made it great to begin with.  So it’s always great to hear newer bands strip away all the added layers and go back to that old, original sound which in a way makes it new again.

Lord Fist is one such band that is following the recent trend of bands such as Skullfist, Enforcer and others reviving the old metal sound.  Also, Lord Fist is from right here in Finland which makes it somewhat surprising to me they are trying to emulate this type of sound as I find many bands here in Finland seem to want to sound as modern as possible and shun anything that sounds ‘old’.  Regardless, it’s great to hear a band that ‘gets it’.

So let’s get to the EP shall we and the songs.  ‘Wordless Wisdom of Lord Fist’ contains four songs that at first listen to me sounds VERY much like early Iron Maiden in how the play their guitar melodies.  Of the four songs on the EP  ‘Headless Rider’ to me was the strongest song for me as I felt it contained all the strong points the band has to offer. Which are strong guitar melodies, cool lyrics and the old school sound.

On a negative side, ‘Wordless Wisdom of Lord Fist’ does have the sound of a low budget recording, which in some degree, with the sound they are going for can work in their favor but the production still could use a little polish to help out the sound overall.  Also, the singer I can tell is kind of new and sounds a bit weak in some of the songs.  However, I feel in the singing area this can only improve over time with practice and perseverance.

‘Wordless Wisdom of Lord Fist’ was a nice listening experience and it’s great to see a band here in Finland not try to make something sound like it was produced on the Star Ship Enterprise to the point of making their sound sterile.  I look forward to hearing a full length album from the band when they get the chance to put one out as I feel the band has some great talent.


Perttu Koivunen – Vox, Guitars
Niko Kolehmainen – Guitars
Pekka Lampinen – Bass
Eetu Orbinski – Drums

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