Music Review: Godslave CD: In Hell


Label: Day One

Available: Now

Official Websites:

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Germany has a strong history when it comes to thrash metal bands.  It is home to bands such as Destruction, Sodom and Kreator who have been around for a very long time.  Now we have a band called Godslave rearing its ugly head from the land of Teutons.  Godslave is a thrash metal band but with a bit of a different sound mainly due to the singing style of their vocalist Thommy.  While many thrash bands do have a gravely type singer, Godslave’s singer is not only gravely but almost sounds like he would belong in a grind core or hardcore band.   So how does this translate into a thrash band throwing down some riffs?  Well surprisingly it doesn’t turn into a clusterfuck.

Musically Godslave sport some great guitars and catchy riffs.  From the very start this is one of the strong points of the band to be able to produce some great Maiden/Priest-esque type guitar melodies and still have a hard edge as well.  Throughout the album the guitars is what helps give the songs a strong identity.  As I mentioned above, the singer is what makes the band sound different from other thrash bands as the vocals are something you would hear more in a grind core band and this could have led to a disaster but I found myself being pleasantly surprised.  Despite having a sound similar to a grind core singer, Thommy does actually sing which helps and gives the band a noticeable ‘uniqueness’ to help them stand apart from other bands.

I found ‘In Hell’ to be a strong thrash metal album but found there to be a few flaws as well.  The one flaw I found that seemed to hold the band back was the production of the album.  While the band are talented and have good playing skills the production seemed to make the overall sound seem too ‘thin’ and took away the ‘punch’ that thrash metal needs.  The one other flaw I found was that the album has about 11 tracks and after awhile it gets to where some of the tracks fall a little flat.  I would prefer to have 8 tracks of memorable songs other than a band trying to put a lot of tracks on the album and the songs be throw away’s.

Despite the flaws though ‘In Hell’ is a strong album from Godslave and should merit a listen if you are a thrash metal fan.



Line Up:

Thommy: Vocals
Bernie: Guitar
Peeß: Bass
Meyer: Guitar
Tobias: Drums

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