Music Review: Coven 13 CD: Destiny of the Gods


Label: Shadow Kingdom Records

Available: November 19th, 2013

Official Websites:


The Doom Metal genre has a certain list of criteria that must be met before it can be labeled ‘doom’ I suppose.  Those criteria being the vocalist sounding or trying to sound like a narrator of a horror movie from the 1950’s which can border on comical, at least some super slow and repetitive riffs, perhaps recreational drug use by the band members and of course talking about some whacked out occult lyrics.  In these regards Coven 13 meets what the checklist requires…except the drug use…I’m not sure what the bands drug usage entails and also the super slow riffs are at best a minimum here, Coven 13 seems a bit hyper for a doom band.   Well does this Detroit Doom outfit actually produces something from Detroit worth hearing about other than bankruptcy?  Well grab some black light posters and some Aleister Crowley books and prepare to enter the Coven!

Unlike most doom bands out there Coven 13 are a bit more hyper than other doom metal bands out there.  They do have repetitive catchy riffs but they tend to be a bit more up-tempo than what many other doom metal bands produce which I find is a good thing.  This is immediately evident on the opening track ‘Thor’s Twins’ which has an immediate catchy riff to open the song with.  Also, as with most doom bands the vocalists will tend to be very theatrical sounding and ‘Vincent Price-ish’, again Coven 13 pulls this off very well though there are times I hear the vocalist trying to go outside his singing range which almost makes the singing sound comical but hey, I don’t blame the guy for trying and the songs are great so thumbs up for giving it a shot.  Then of course we have what all doomers are known for, lyrics touching on subject matters of occultism and mythology.  Well again Coven 13 do a good job of crafting songs that convey these subject matters very well with several songs touching on the Norse mythology and also just mysticism in general.

On a production side of things ‘Destiny of the Gods’ sounds very very well produced.  This I feel is the secret ace up the sleeve the band has used.  The production fits very well with the sound Coven 13 are trying to get here.  Some doom bands go for an old ‘analog’ sound to get their sound but Coven 13 seems to have went a different route here and went with a more ‘modern’ recording sound but not to the point the sound is over polished and it leaves the band sounding very strong and professional.

‘Destiny of the Gods’ is a fantastic doom album and if you are a fan of the genre you can’t go wrong with here.  It is a well crafted, well played album and is actually one of the few good things coming out of Detroit these days.  The city should be proud to have a great band like this producing music.



Line Up:

David Landrum – Vocals

Todd Kreda – Guitar

Richie Karasinski – Guitar

Roger Cyrkiel – Bass

Brian McGuckin – Drums

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