Movie Review: The Conjuring


What do you get when you take a pissed off witch that likes to fart, a story from Ed and Lorraine Warren about said witch, a house full of kids tormented by the farting witch and some cool creepy shit.  Well you get ‘The Conjuring’, a well crafted movie with an interesting story…that involves farts…and a creepy underground cellar.

‘The Conjuring’ takes place in 1971 and follows the lives of a family who movie into a country home in New England that dates back about 150 years and has a dreadful history attached to it.  Unbeknownst to the family the history involves a witch named Bathsheba who apparently killed her 7 day old baby then kills herself by hanging in hopes of gaining favor with Satan.  Oh and also she throws out a good old curse on anyone who tries to take her land before she does the dead man’s dance which results in future occupants going batshit nuts and killing themselves and others and becoming ghosts too.

So now the current family are having to deal with a nutso witch along with everyone else who has died on the property.  These encounters deal with noises from around the house, getting locked in rooms with no lights, getting their feet pulled in their sleep, getting farted on and getting possessed.  So basically the common demon possession thing.

After about a year of this shit the family seeks out Ed and Lorraine Warren, who as some may know as the famous investigators of the Amityville Horror.  Apparently the story of ‘The Conjuring’ is supposed to have been so scary the Warren’s only now decided to release the files on it and…boom…we now have a movie.

Well whatever I guess on that, point is ‘The Conjuring’ is a good, solid movie with a well crafted story and interesting atmosphere.  Is it the scariest thing I have ever seen?  No.  Is it the best horror movie I have ever seen?  No.  Is it an effective, creepy and enjoyable movie that delivers an enjoyable viewing experience.  Yes it is.

While I won’t jump on ‘The Conjuring’ bandwagon and say it was so scary or whatever you want to call it I will say it was a really well done movie with some really great actors.  James Wan is a great director who is a very talented film maker.  But if you want one of his movies that is a bit scarier and odd try ‘Insidious’ as I feel it does the job better.



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