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The 7th Day is a film that centers on a guy named Allen.  Allen at first glance is just like you and me.  He has a job, lives on his own, pays rent etc.  Allen however is really a fucked up killer that gets off on stabbing joggers, shooting people in the face and sometimes fucking dead people but hey we all have to have a hobby. 

The 7th Day started off for me in what seemed like a promising and interesting movie that followed around a guy that was stalking and killing people to keep himself occupied.  As mentioned Allen had a job, though a shitty one, at a local bar/restaurant washing dishes.  During his working hours Allen seemed infatuated with a co-worker named Denise who obviously does not return the same affection and his co-workers give Allen a lot of shit.  When Allen is not at work is when things turn for the worse for people.

In Allen’s down time he goes around the neighborhood and kills people.  The movie description labels Allen as a serial killer but serial killers usually have some sort of ‘type’ of person they kill and/or ‘way’ of killing them.  Allen just seemed to kill people regardless of sex, age or location and in various ways.  This is one of the aspects I felt the movie kind of dropped the ball on but was willing to forgive as the movie seemed to be interesting in how Allen was chronicling his activities over the course of a week.

7th Day has some strange shit going on it.  As Allen is telling us, the viewer, about his reasoning and methods there is some a strange faceless reporter guy with a tape recorder supposedly recording what Allen is thinking in his head and how Allen apparently thinks himself some sort of a smart killer.  As the movies goes on it becomes obvious Allen is really kind of a dipshit and sloppy.  This seemed interesting to me as the movie went on as I felt it would lead to an interesting conclusion to the film…which…

It did not but more on that in a moment.  As the movie rolls on we get a lot of gore scenes and Allen fucking and eating dead people.  I have seen other independent films dealing with the subject of serial killers and it seems in place of story development they try to substitute in gore/genitals or something strange.  And yes 7th Day sports a cock getting cut off, excessive gore, cannibalism and necrophilia in an attempt to make the movie ‘more mature’.  I never understood this trend in some movies to use tactics like these to such an extreme.  It didn’t add to the movie really but took away in my opinion.  The reason for this is that as the movie goes on Allen kills people in circumstances that really should have got his ass captured but at no time was there ever really too much of a threat to Allen.  Detectives show up one time to his shit hole of a house that has body parts laying around but the cops only question him about his neighbor.  Other than that, there is no other time he is threatened by authorities and we never really see anything in the movie about the murders/missing people being reported in the news or talked about.

Again, all of this I would have overlooked in some degree if the conclusion of the movie had been different.  The reason I would have overlooked it and the other problems is because the environment surrounding Allen was intriguing to me.  His faceless reporter in his head, the ideas of what he thought he was and how he knew what reality was and so on was interesting to me.  However, as the movie ended we just see Allen coming to a conclusion that basically, ‘He is what he is and nothing will change that even though he thought for a brief moment that he might not be.’ Then he drives off in his car stalking his next victim.

To me this was kind of a non-climatic ending and resolved nothing of what I saw earlier in the movie.  I’m not one of those people who feel everything has to be spelled out for me in a movie.  I like a little mystery of what some stuff might be in a movie but 7th Day fails at even conveying a sense of mystery as to what some of the stuff Allen was seeing might be related to.

7th Day was a movie with some severe flaws that I thought was wrapped up in a presentation that would make said flaws forgivable but when the conclusion came around I was left with the feeling all the stuff in the film was just an attempt for the film makers to be weird for the sake of being weird.



One thought on “Movie Review: 7th Day”

  1. 7h day is nothibg like th e orignal yes, it had some gore, but it went with the story/ I even believe Jason Koch changed the name of the main charater. What a shame the original version, was a study in the life, of a sad man, who goes off the deep end in the conclusion. Sadly for shock valeu he has sold out. Penis and gore may sell, but throwoing it togerher for money is a sell out. Bring back the oringinal.

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