Music Review: Death Angel CD: The Dream Calls For Blood

Death Angel - The Dream Calls For Blood - Artwork

Label: Nuclear Blast Records

Available: Now

Official Website:

“If speed is your game then Death Angel is the name…”


                I have to admit my familiarity with Death Angel was pretty much limited to some brief exposure to their songs on VH1 Classic and that was mostly of their song ‘Bored’.  As a result of that one song I was never drawn to Death Angel as I felt that song was kind of just…lazy and boring itself.  That’s not say that I didn’t find merit in Death Angel’s abilities but after hearing ‘Bored’ I couldn’t help but think, ‘Is this the best you can do guys?’

So now we flash forward to 2013 and we have a new album from Death Angel called ‘The Dream Calls for Blood’ which I have to say has a pretty killer album cover.  However, great album cover artwork doesn’t always mean a good album.  So how does ‘The Dream Call for Blood’ sound and do for itself?  Is it going to bore me like the old Death Angel or is my dreams filled with thrash metal headbanging?

I have to confess, I was surprised by ‘The Dream Calls for Blood’ in that it delivers a very energetic, frenzied thrash attack.  The guitars sound great with some catchy riffs, the vocals (which is one of things from ‘Bored’ that I thought were poor) sound really good with the music and fits in great with the songs.  If speed is your game then Death Angel is the name that fits right in here.  It’s fast, fast and then more fast.  So if you are a speed freak you can’t go wrong with this album as it all goes well together and it’s not sloppy.

On the flip side, while speed is the selling point of this album it is also one of the albums flaws.  The speed is great but after awhile the album begins to sound a bit samey as it winds down though the last track ‘Territorial Instinct-Bloodlsut’ was an interesting track.  It would have been nice to see Death Angel mix it up a bit more instead of having a constant blitzkrieg attack.  But that is just my opinion as I know this is going to appeal to a lot of thrash/speed fans out there, just for me the high octane speed needed to slow down just a bit to let me get off for a piss break.



  Mark Osegueda | Vocals

Rob Cavestany | Guitars

Will Carroll | Drums

Damien Sisson | Bass

Ted Aguilar –|Guitars

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