Music Review: Under Sanitys’ Bane CD: A Cosmic Tragedy

A cosmic Tragdey Cover

Label: Self-Released

Available: Now

Official Websites:


There have been a few times I have come across a band that seemed to have a lot of good things going for it and contain good elements of success but they also would have one BIG element that drags everything down for them.  Unfortunately for Under Sanitys’ Bane this is the case.  This band has a lot of good qualities going for it but they have one glaring problem and it’s one that can’t really be sidestepped if the band wants to push themselves to the next level.  Let’s get to it.


I’ll start with the good points ‘A Cosmic Tragedy’ contains.  What we have is a symphonic/power metal type album here that touches on themes such as you would expect from a band of the genre such as various fantasy, adventure and folk themes.  We even have a song based on the Pied Piper which is a cool subject matter to write a song about.  Musically most of the songs are played well (with the exception of the overuse of double bass drums/drum machine), have some catchy guitar riffs, lyrically interesting songs and contain mostly good song composition.   In these regards Under Sanity’s Bane have all the foundation they need to build themselves into a solid metal act.  Thumbs up here.


Now let’s get to the biggest problem the band has.  Unfortunately the biggest problem is the singer and for the band being a symphonic/power metal band this is a serious issue.  My biggest problem here with Under Sanitys’ Bane’s vocalist is that the girl can just not sing.  She doesn’t seem to have any vocal range or be able to carry notes in any form.  Some of this could be forgiven if at least the girl sounded at least enthused about singing but not only can she not sing, she sounds bored/tired when she sings the songs.  This is very sad since the material on the album seems to be solid but it is all dragged down by such a poor vocal performance.  The vocals removed me so much from being able to enjoy the album as a whole that in my eyes it ruins everything else.

I read in the bands bio that the singer here is new and they had another singer previous to recording this debut album.  I don’t know the merits or the reason of why that singer is no longer with the band but I can’t see how she would have been much worse.


I want to like Under Sanitys’ Bane.  I really do.  To some extent I actually do like the band but the singer really brings down the whole album.  Any interesting parts of the album, such as the stories the songs strive to tell, are completely wasted on a vocalist that seems like she would rather be doing something else.





Line Up:

Cristina Grijalva – Vocals

Denis Pfeffer –  Guitars

Simon Buse – Guitars

Markus Hosch – Bass

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