Music Review: Toxic Holocaust CD: Chemistry of Consciousness


Label: Relapse Records

Available: October 29th, 2013

Official Websites:

Pre-Order here:



HOLY SHIT.  What can I say here about Toxic Holocaust?  When listening to ‘Chemistry of Consciousness’ I am filled with imagery that if the world was finally destroyed by nuclear fire and all the worse traits in mankind emerged as the ruling way of life and those said traits somehow were contained in some kind of a evil Pandora’s Box, Toxic Holocaust would be that box.  Displaying a barely controlled chaos and maliciousness that before was only held in check by a decaying social structure that has finally collapsed, ‘Chemistry of Consciousness’ represents what the new ruling order would be when anarchy and death finally arrives.  It’s ugly, it’s cruel, it’s barbaric and it will strip away your humanity.

The first track, ‘Awaken the Serpent’ sums it up best what I mentioned above.  When society crumbles the worse in mankind will awaken when there is no fear of consequence for your actions.  As the album plays on you are treated to songs that are filled with guitar riffs that will flay your skin from its bones in a frenzy of sonic sound that threatens to lose any semblance of cohesion but somehow through the album holds itself together despite itself.  You have vocals that spit acid that could burn your eyes from their sockets and blast your sanity in a way I have not heard in a voice since early Venom.

You have 11 tracks full of some of the most angry guitars and vocals I have heard in a long time.  Many of the songs have guitar breaks in them that contain musical sections that is obvious are for the apocalyptic moshers to form a pit and kill any who are unfortunate enough to get swept up in their march of death.  I am also reminded of the bleak despair I heard in songs from 80’s bands such as The Plasmatics with their song ‘The Damned’ which invokes the same bleak future as Toxic Holocaust inspires.

Toxic Holocaust are a modern day thrash/punk band that seems to have faithfully captured a very old school spirit of bands from the early 80’s in their sound and kept the mystery/evil mystique of what heavy metal used to be thought of when parents and the general public viewed such bands as fringe elements.  Toxic Holocaust also seems like a band you would see/hear in movies from the 80’s that used the genre to create great imagery and a ‘mystery’ of the genre that you don’t see much of today.   Which I think is great to see and hear.  And if there ever was a band to be the soundtrack for the end of mankind and society it would be Toxic Holocaust.




Joel Grind
Phil Gnaast
Nicholas T. Rage


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