Music Review: Purify The Horror – Untitled EP

Group Shot 4

Label: Dissected Records


Available: Now




by: Juuso Viljanen



Brittish swine-grinders Purify The Horror make their name known by releasing their debut-EP ‘Untitled’ via Dissected Records and it can be downloaded from their Bandcamp webpage (link above).

Band members hide their identity behind the following names: Sergeant Squeal (vocals), Bear Pig (guitars/bass) and Lord Pig (drums). Given this info the members could actually be just about anyone from the great scene of grindcore. Afterall, band is from Birmingham, the very heart and soul of grindcore.

I’ve been listening to grindcore quite a lot and I’ve noticed, that usually grindcore bands could be easily put in two different groups: those who are serious and those who use humour with their music. I’d say Purify The Horror is definately a humorous one. This doesn’t mean that their EP is a joke, no way! It’s brutal and well-played grindcore that you really enjoy listening and banging your head along.

18 minutes of grindcore (the lenght of ‘Untitled’) is quite a nice portion of everyday metal for moments you really need to let your aggression burst out. I’ve heard way more worse acts than this one. But also many better ones too. ‘Untitled’ is a good EP for getting to know what grindcore is pretty much about; blasting drums, raw guitars riffs, distorted bass on the background and screaming vocals with lyrics about pretty much anything.

RATING: 4 / 5

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