Movie Review: This Is The End (2013)


Synopsis: A group of clusterfuck actors, playing exaggerated versions of their real selves, get together to party down Hollywood style.  Suddenly some whacked out shit hits the fan, self-absorbed actors bite the big one, horror/comedy ensues and we get a funny film that also gives the viewer a very subtle satire on how people refuse to believe in the Bible but will believe in other things just as farfetched. 

‘This Is The End’ is movie that stars James Franco, Seth Rogen, Danny McBride, Jonah Hill, Jay Baruchel and Craig Robinson all playing themselves but in very exaggerated versions of themselves, especially Danny McBride.  They also play what most people think of self-absorbed actors who have let fame and a superficial lifestyle take over the way they think.  The movie also sports some great cameos in the beginning with the likes of Michael Cera playing a coked out asshole.

The main story revolved around Jay coming back to L.A. to met Seth Rogen after a one year absence.  Jay never lied L.A. or the lifestyle that seemed to go with living there and had been living in Canada and has come to visit his buddy Seth and have a cool weekend of pot smoking, video games and bonding with his friend.  However, Seth convinces Jay to go to a party over at James Franco’s house and reluctantly Jay decides to go.

Upon arrival we are treated to all the Hollywood stereotypes of actors that we have come to know and hear of, the fake friendliness, the not getting the names of so called friends right, the drug abuse, vapidness and the pretentiousness.  James Franco and his love of ‘art’, Jonah Hill trying so hard to get Jay to like him and the list goes on.  As the party goes on Jay is not really loving it and him and Seth decide to take a trip to a local convenient store.  While there they are met with a rude store clerk and several other customers roaming the store when suddenly there is a boom and a light show from the heavens zapping people away.

What at first appears to be an earthquake to Seth, since he fell down and didn’t see the people get zapped away, Jay and Seth decide to go back to Franco’s house.  Upon arriving everyone is still there and they haven’t noticed anything until another tremor hits and everyone runs outside.  Outside A hole opens in the ground dropping people down to the depths for a lava bath.  All the while you see the Hollywood types running for safety while leaving people to die then crying later how they tried to save them.

As the movie plays on we see more events unfold that make it more and more clear what has happened.  And we have a movie filled with funny scenes from the actors playing themselves and some interesting story elements which makes ‘This Is The End’ a fun watch.

The one thing that struck home for me though is this.  The movie touches on religious themes in a somewhat subtle and clever way.  It is obvious that the actors are educated about the religious themes touched on in the movie and not only educated but you can tell they grew up with it and have lived it.    Also, the movie has a scene in it that I think sums up how the people of the world today are so ready to laugh and dismiss Bible stories but are so willing to believe other fantastical tales just to not believe in the Bible.  I say this because in my personal life I have noticed people so desperate to not believe the Bible they will trade that belief for some other fantastical belief or so called science.  When looked at objectively they are just exchanging one belief for another that could be just as invalid just for the sake of not believing in the current ‘BIG’ religion or ethos.  Which just shows they are just as desperate to believe in something.

In this regard I think this particular scene in the movie I am referring to is so subtle but also really clever and genius that it really sums up how ignorant some people are about acting superior about their intelligence and denouncing one belief while adopting an even more ridicules ideal just so they don’t have to accept the other.   And in all honesty I have seen this in a lot of Americans and I think ‘This Is The End’ captured this small moment perfectly.

So do I recommend ‘This Is The End’? Yes I do.  You have some funny stuff going on with actors that do a good job in portraying themselves in very over exaggerated ways.  Especially McBride who really is funny as hell in this movie.  But if you look a little deeper in this movie you will also find a film that is a little satirical of peoples willing to deny one belief while adopting something equally unfounded and also you find a movie that is kind of Bible story cleverly wrapped in comedy, horror and satire.



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