Russian Industrial metal band bog [~] morok has inked a worldwide management deal with GlobMetal Promotions.

Band Photo 1

The band have will release their highly anticipated new album “Industrialypse” which GlobMetal are going all out to promote.

Bog[~]Morok started by Morok as a one-man-project back in 1997 as death/black metal band. Morok recorded three demos before releasing the first album named “Azoic” in 2003 on the CD-Maximum label. At that time Bog[~]Morok transformed from one-man-project into a real band, that played death/doom metal with strong influences of paradise lost, but with slight touches of modern metal and industrial. After that Morok decided to change the band’s style once again. The efforts resulted in the albums “Stadiae II” (2005), “Syn.thesis” (2007), “Decadence” (2010) and “Imminence” in 2012. Now Bog-Morok presents a new album called “Industrialypse”. The album will be released on the label  “A&M Releses”.

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