Music Review: Crimson Blue CD: Innocence


Available: NOW

Label: Destroy the Humanity

Official Websites:


I don’t even know what I just listened to.  All I know I had flashbacks to the 90’s music scene while I was in college to bands like 4 Non Blondes or Veruca Salt and when that happened my brain just shut down for my own protection.  Crimson Blue claims to be Nu Art Metal and well…Art might be stretching it a bit.  Let me see what I can recall from my listening experience and hope I don’t lose my sanity in the process.  Pinch your nose closed because this is going stink…

Crimson Blue’s ‘Innocence’ sports 11 tracks of female fronted…something.  We have tracks that have strange sound effects, we have tracks that have mindless droning of singing, we have tracks that stoners should love and we have tracks that I just want to never hear again.  Nothing about ‘Innocence’ is memorable to me in anyway other than it was so boring and bad the I remember it not being memorable.  The ‘music’ as it called offers nothing cohesive to a song and the singer just seems to ‘sing’ in some sort of stream of consciousness kind of babble.

I have known people that would love what Crimson Blue has done here.  Those same people also tend to be people who think they are intellectually superior and are also assholes stuck so far up their own ass they have no concept of reality.

So if you are a musical snob and elitist go get Crimson Blue’s ‘Innocence’ as it obviously speaks to people beyond my limited mental capacity because really it has nothing to say at all.



Dani Hellstrom – vocals, keytar, synths, music, lyrics
Iggy Hans – guitar
Alex Verge – bass
Jenn – drums

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