Music Review: Deformity CD: When Tomorrow Comes


Label: GlobMetal Promotions

Available: Now

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A show of hands for everyone who know any Russian Thrash Metal bands?  None?  No worries I don’t know any either…until now.  Allow me to introduce you to the fine gentlemen of Deformity who style themselves after talents such as Anthrax, Testament, Pantera and so on.  So how do Russian Thrashers do it?  They do it the Russian way and make it sound dirty and with a little punk in the mix.  Let’s get Derformed!

The first thing I noticed when listening to Deformity was the cool catchy guitar riffs then the slightly punk rock vocals.  These will be the two main things the band will showcase throughout the entire album.  As mentioned, the first few tracks are filled with catchy riffs and songs that really get your energy going strong.  The opening track, ‘Burn Them’ is some great classic thrash from the start that will bring back memories of 80’s styled thrash metal.  Super Awesome!

Now, speaking of the other stand out aspect of ‘When Tomorrow Comes’, the singer, is a bit of a mixed bag.  Alexander Garshin has a Phil Anselmo/punk style voice and also at times sings in a groove which in turn is also reflected in the music, bringing up comparisons to Pantera.  I find Alexander’s singing a two edged sword actually.  At times it fits in with the great thrash guitaring but at other times it seems the guitars have to switch from a great riff to slow down so Alexander can sing in a groove style.  Not all of this is bad mind you but sometimes it can seem to break the great momentum a song might have going.

Also as the album towards the end suffers a bit from starting to sound a bit ‘samey’ but they close out the album with the tune ‘The Lost Man’, which is a killer track to end with and has some distinctiveness to it.

Despite my conflicting emotions on the singer Defomrity’s ‘When Tomorrow Comes’ is a very solid metal album despite some ‘samey’ moments.  Metal heads should rejoice though for this album and check out some Russian thrash metal with some drinks of Vodka to really get the party going!  Thrash it up Russia…with LOVE!

RATING: 3.5/5


Alexander Garshin – Guitar- Vocals
Vladimir Nikulin – Guitar
Sergey Varukhin – Bass
Aleksey Radchenko – Drums

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