Music Review: Seneron EP: Order Restored


Available: Now

Label: GlobMetal Promotions

Official Website:


I got a bit of a different band to listen to this time.  Kind of a dirty rock/punk trio from Derry.  I only got a 4 song EP to go on here at as usually I will not rate a EP but give you my general impression of what I think the band might offer.

When I first began listening to Seneron I first noticed the singer’s vocals are pushed way to the front of the mix.  I am assuming this is intentional and at first I was not so sure this was a great idea.   I have heard worse singers but the vocalist, to me, in the first two songs seemed a little bit weak.  However by the time ‘Dead Stare’ and ‘Just a Kid’ rolled around I felt the vocal style grow on me a bit and the songs were very good as well.   These last two songs of the EP are also the best in my opinion and are catchy rock tunes that you would hear from a bar band.

If I had to pick something to improve upon with Seneron it would be let the singer fall back into themix a bit more.  As of right now the vocals are mixed in a away to where the singer is so prominent that the rest of the music seems to get lost in the background.

If you like to hear some dirty rock and roll that you would find in a dive bar with some bikers then Seneron would be the band for you.  So check them out and get ready to have a dirty rock and roll time!

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