Music Review: Deadend In Venice CD: A View From Above

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Available: October 25th, 2013

Label: Kick the Flame

Official Websites:

                Ah Look!  It’s another dual fronted metal band with a female and male singer but not a symphonic band.  I don’t think…actually no it’s not but then again I’m not sure what type of band that Deadend in Venice would be categorized as either.  Sometimes such an identity crisis could cause problem but for Deadned In Venice that doesn’t really seem to be a negative for them.  While ‘A Veiw From Above’ does contain flaws for me, I did find it to be an enjoyable while uneven listen.  Let’s dig in!

‘A View From Above’ contains 12 tracks of agro male vocals and clean female vocals and very aggressive, driving music.  All of this comes together pretty well with some standout tracks such as ‘An Alien in Disguise’, ‘The Overview’ and ‘Call From The North’.  While these three tracks stand out in my mind other tracks sometimes don’t stick with me.  This can be forgivable to some extent because no band ever writes 100% classic tracks that everyone will keep in their minds forever.  I seem to find that when bands put out albums that have 10-12 tracks it seems like the creative writing process gets spread out over too many songs and it can make for less memorable songs than say if a band focuses on fewer songs to make them more memorable.  Just an observation from me.

For me though that is not even the main issue I have with Deadend In Venice as a band or this album per se.  The music is good and solid but my main issue is the singers, and being a dual fronted band this can be a bad sign.  As the album goes on there are songs where the singing seems, for like of a better word, uneven or misplaced.  I think the growl vocals could be lightened up a bit and the female vocalist I think…could learn to sing a little better (or more aggressive) as it seems her voice is sometimes overwhelmed with the intensity of the music.

To me Deadend In Venice seems like a better version of ‘Visions of Atlantis’ in many regards but also have issues that could be worked out a bit.  Despite my problems with ‘A View From Above’ I still found the album enjoyable and recommend those who like multi-singer bands that are more aggressive than a typical symphonic band give them a shot, you won’t be disappointed but don’t expect the world to be set on fire either.


 dead 2


Annabell Klein (fem. vocals)
Christian Litzba (Growls)
Tim Schmidtke (Guitar)
Kevin Klein (Guitar)
Andreas Ackermann (Bass)
Frank Koppe (Drums)

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