Music Review: The Killer Inside Me CD/EP: Rozdeniya Sverhnovoi


Available: Now

Label: GlobMetal Promotions

                I have only been recently made aware of what a ‘DJENT’ metal band was or is.  Their guitar sound has a ‘Djent’ sound when they play….ummm…ok.  Anyway, I am told bands of this style are bands along the lines of Meshuggah…and yeah….still not winning any points with me yet.  Anyway, I recently just got the opportunity to review a ‘djent’ band from Russia called The Killer Inside Me.  While I can’t say it won me over, it at least wasn’t terrible like I was expecting.  Let me explain.

The Killer Inside Me seems to at least try to mix in some other elements into their music instead of just playing ‘djent’s’ all the time, because to me when I hear too many ‘djent’s’ I get bored and when I get bored, I get angry.  The Killer Inside Me in their music adds in some nice clean melodies here and there and tries to mix up what otherwise would be a very one dimensional sound of only ‘djents’, which is a positive for the band and myself as I actually found some of the songs enjoyable.

However, being a ‘dejent’ band, the band has to go and ‘djent’ it up and there are some songs that totally lose me on this EP.  Mix in the super growl vocals and I lose all interest but for the most part out of the 5 songs on this EP I actually found 3 enjoyable.  Don’t ask me what those three are as the song titles are all in Russian and I can understand that shit.  Vodka?

I feel if you like ‘djent’ bands and want one that seems to offer some variety in their ‘djenting’ then The Killer inside Me would make a good offering for you to listen to as I even found some songs I enjoyed.  So go out and give them a listen as I think it would be a solid purchase.

Also, I think I am going to start a djent band called ‘The Djentlemen Djinn’s featuring Django Unchained’.  What do you think?

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