Music Review: Nightblade CD: Closer to the Threshold

Nightblade - Closer To The Threshold - Artwork

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Label: Sky Rocket Records

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                I love me some old school metal styled bands or just the old school metal in general.  So when I got a copy of ‘Closer to the Threshold’ by Nightblade and turned it on I was like, ‘HELL YES!’  The first opening tunes of the album were some very solid offerings and I was thinking, ‘Man if the whole album is like this we got ourselves a killer album!’  Well you may be asking, ‘TJ!  Tell us about the rest of the album!’ Well ok you asked for it…

Like I mentioned, the first couple of tracks on ‘Closer to the Threshold’ is some classic NWOBHM.  Songs like ‘Over My Dead Body’ and ‘Closer to the Threshold’ offer some classic and memorable songs.  A big thumbs up to these tunes.  However as the album goes on it seems things kind of get a little long in the tooth shall we say.  The rest of the songs, while played well, just kind of lose something as if they don’t have the same kind of life as the first few tracks.  This is too bad as Nightblade has the talent and the chops to put out some good stuff I feel.

If you are a fan of the NWOBHM style heavy metal(i.e. Angel Witch, Praying Mantis) I recommend giving Nightblade a listen as they perform this style very well but just be prepared for the songs to lose some steam as the album goes on for some reason.  While unfortunate, I hope to hear more from Nightblade in the future and see if they can off some blistering tracks like ‘Over My Dead Body’ again.

RATING: 2.75/5

Line Up:

Nightblade are :

Vocals: Mark Crosby

Guitars: Dave Parrish

Bass: Bill Fitzsimmons

Drums: Rich Lawley

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