Movie Review: My Amityville Horror


As most everyone who is remotely interested in horror or paranormal topics the Amityville Horror is one of the most well known haunting/hoaxes of American Culture.  The story of the Lutz family, their home and the movies the story generated are well known.  However, what we as the public mostly have seen or heard were from George Lutz and his wife Kathleen.  Now we have a documentary film that has recently came out that talks to Danny who was around ten years old at the time of the events of the Amityville Horror and get to hear his side of the tale.  What we get is a bit of glimpse into the mind of a man that still holds on to the resentment of his step-father which, to me, seems to cloud his version of events but also seems to show that he holds a little bit more in common with his step father, George than he might like to admit.

As the years passed on since the Amityville Horror it went from being one of the greatest American tales of a demonic possession/haunting to be claimed as a hoax to being a big convoluted mess.  Now we have ‘My Amityville Horror’ which talks to Danny Lutz, one of the children in the house during the events and also several other independent people that were involved in the story at the time such as local news teams.

The documentary itself I found actually informative, if a better scattered in how it interviewed people.  The documentary focuses around Danny of course but will shift off and go talk to some other people just what seems kind of randomly.  This to me wasn’t a big deal as I found most of the interviews with those people sometimes more interesting than when they were talking to Danny but I understand to some viewers who might get annoyed in how the documentary bounces around at times.

Going back to Danny himself we are presented with a man who seem visibly troubled by the past he was involved with and a man who seems clearly to hold onto resentment of George Lutz whom the Amityville Horror seemed to revolve around.  According to Danny and other people who knew George, George was not a very nice or good parent figure.  Being an ex-Marine it seems his only way to interact with the children was with a military mind set.  Also, Danny seemed to be resentful of the fact that George came in as a new father figure which some kids in such situations naturally feel uneasy about.  So from the get go there was already tension between Danny and George which could lend to the possibility of Danny just coming out and saying the whole story was crap.  However that is not exactly the case…

Danny makes no excuses or hides the fact he hated George and how he paraded the fact that he wanted to be known as, ‘The Amityville Guy’.  However despite this, Danny talks about instances where George and he were in situations at the house where Danny verifies accounts of the story.  Such as the image of the figure in the window with red eyes and a pig face.

Danny comes off as very passionate about what he is talking about and his story is not different from the other accounts that have been claimed about the Amityville Horror except for some accounts where he claims George was part of the reason why some of the things were happening.  He even goes on to claim that George had a library of occult books and had mastered how to move objects with his mind.  This is probably one the more farfetched claims Danny made of George himself and I am not sure if it is because Danny being 10 at the time and seeing what could have been very possibly a magic trick but due to being young thought it was real or Danny is letting his resentment of George get in the way here.  So what do we believe here?  George was a Sith Lord or Danny is making stuff up?

The interesting thing I found in the documentary was when the news crew who investigated the house was talked to.  While they themselves didn’t believe the story, as at the time they didn’t find anything in the house.  Everyone was quick to note that George and Kathleen seemed very sincere; they believed that something WAS happening to them and appeared legitimate in what they were claiming.  This is a recurring theme in the documentary when people were asked about the Lutz’s.  Everyone claimed they seemed very sincere in what they were claiming.

Which leads us back to Danny.  He also seems very sincere and passionate about what he is talking about, just like George and when listening to him present his story I get the feeling he has taken a page out of George’s book on how to do so.  Assuming it is all a hoax.  So I am saying to make a lie believable you have to learn to fake sincerity which both George and Danny seemed to be.

Now I am not saying either man is or was lying but they seem to deliver their stories in a similar manner with Danny seeming to be a little bit more on the aggressive side of things.  Also at the very end Danny is asked about taking a polygraph which seems to set him off which also makes me cast doubts about a few things.  He claims that he and the documentary guy are going to have a talk after the camera stops rolling and gets upset.  I was thinking, ‘Really man?  Why get so mad about that?’

Regardless of what you think about the Amityville Horror and the claims of the Lutz family I found ‘My Amityville Horror’ an interesting look into the behind the scenes stuff.  Was it just a way for Danny to cash in like many people claimed George tried to do?  I’m not sure though part of me smells a little BS here or maybe I am just cynical.  Either way it’s a good watch and I recommend you check it out as well.  Also, Danny is a pretty awesome guitar player!



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