Concert Review: Xe-None/Fear of Domination/Omniversum Live at Henry’s Pub; Kuopio Finland

The King of Dance Metal!

I can’t say I know of many Dance/Metal bands out there.  Yes I have heard of the techno/industrial metal stuff like but never on that proudly proclaims their love of Dance music and their love of metal music like the band Xe-None from Russia.  I was asked by Nem Promotions here in Finland to come out to Hendry’s Pub in Kuopio to cover Xe-none and Fear of Domination for their short Finnish mini-tour.  Always willing to check out some new music and help bands what I can, I happily agreed, not knowing what I may be getting myself into.  So what did I find?  Did I feel some ‘good vibrations’ and did my hidden love of Ace of Base get re-kindled?  Well get out you 90’s Hit Dance Music collection and prepare to ‘Come and Get Your Love’!

Tomas of Omniversum

The first band to open the show was Kuopio locals Omniversum who have been around a few years now and a dedicated following.  I would describe Omniversum as a more traditional metal band as compared to the other two that were playing this night.  Their singer Tomas Ahlroos has a good voice and sings with a clean sound.  The band put on a solid performance and had a good sound that could be heard cleanly which is always a great thing live.  Henry’s Pub also helps with this as most bands I have heard in the small pub have had a great sound here.

Mika of Omniversum

So if you are looking for a new band to check out that leans a bit more towards a straightforward listening experience check out Omniversum.

Next up on the bill was Finnish Industrial Metal Masters Fear of Domination who are currently out to start promoting a new album due out early 2014.  The new album will mark the 3rd studio album from Fear of domination and from the material I listened to sounds like a more balanced and mature album musically in the sense that all instruments have a role and place on the album.  The earlier albums seemed to be more heavily focused on guitars while the other instruments seemed to have gotten lost in the mix.  The new stuff has a more focused approach and the songs benefit for the better.

Fear of Domination

The live show from Fear of Domination was really fantastic and enjoyable.  The crowd was really into the show, the band displayed great showmanship and they sounded great.  Fears of Domination are currently building up a fan base and if they continue to perform as they do they will have a strong following soon.  Also, if what I heard of the new album is any indication of where the band plans on staying and building upon they should be gaining a lot more new fans as the sound is more accessible than the earlier work.  I also got to interview Fear of Domination before the show and you can see the interview HERE.

Now we come to the Russian Dance/Metal band Xe-None.  I got to interview these guys before the show and they were really fun people to talk do and very down to earth.  Xe-None were making their first trip into Finland and really seemed to enjoy what the country had to offer.  Xe-None the band features two singers, Lexy Dance and EvilAnn who sing growls and clean styled vocals respectively.  Listening Xe-None’s earlier work compared to their work on their latest album ‘Dancefloration’ the biggest difference is the vocals.  Earlier works EvilAnn singes in a VERY operatic style like Nightwish.  In fact, she could EASILY sing in Nightiwsh if called upon.   Lexy on the earlier material has a VERY Black metal style vocally.   This has changed on the newer stuff where both singers have found a balance a bit with Lexy singing in a bit of a cleaner style where we can at least understand some of the growls! Haha!

Live Xe-None put on a very energetic show with Lexy always smiling and seeming to be

EvilAnn of Xe-None
EvilAnn of Xe-None

just a happy guy all the time.  EvilAnn live, sounds just as fantastic as on the albums and studio versions of the songs.  The band themselves are great musicians and they pulled off the Dance/Metal thing very well with Lexy not afraid to make fun of himself haha.  Also some Russian fans showed up in the crowd to support some of their fellow countrymen which was cool to see.  One song I heard that I

Lexy Dance of Xe-None
Lexy Dance of Xe-None

was really impressed with was a cover song from a band called Sektor Gaza.  The song was called ‘In The Evening On The Bench’ and REALLY showcased Evilann’s vocals.  Really great song and very fun live seeing the Russians dance!!!

If you have the opportunity check out Xe-None, as they do a good job with showing their love of Dance and Metal and check out their new album ‘Dancefloration’ which is out now which also features the singles, ‘VHS’ and ‘Cyber Girl’.

You can also see my hilarious interview with the band HERE.

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