Music Review: Mutant Squad CD: Titanomakha

Label: Suspiria Records

Available: NOW

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First we had the 80’s movie Monster Squad and now we have the thrash metal band Mutant Squad.  However, I don’t think with the latter we will see the band kicking a werewolf between the legs and proclaimin, ‘Wolfman’s got NARDS!’ however they my kick you in your teeth and say, ‘Listen to out thrash record Titanomakha bitches!!!!!!’ . Honestly, this wouldn’t be such a bad thing other than losing some teeth, as the album is not too bad.  So let’s rip into this mother and see if Mutant Squad has some NARDS with their debut album ‘Titanomakha’!

The first thing I notice about ‘Titanomakha’ is that it is they are very heavily influenced by the thrash legends of old such as Testament, Exodus, Overkill, and many others from the 80’s.  The most notable influences here I think is a mixture between Testament and Exodus I believe.  The singer has a bit of Chuck Billy/Cronos in his singing and the music seems to be a mixture between Exodus and Testament.

So in this regard Mutant Squad have a good combo going on.  Now as far as songs go, the songs are, OK.  You have 8 songs that mostly offer up a good solid thrash foundation.  The opening song, ‘Overdose’ is a good, solid, classic thrash song that if you are a fan of the above mentioned bands this song will deliver the goods in spades.  Other songs on the album are solid offerings but as well but also nothing you may not have heard before.

I found Mutant Squad’s debut album a solid offering that offers a lot of promise from a band just getting started.  I can’t wait to hear more from Mutant Squad and I hope they have a strong future ahead of them.

RATING: 3.5/5


Pla: guitars & vocals
Campi: bass
Caki: drums


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