Movie Review: Saturday Morning Mystery/Massacre

What happens when you take Scooby-Doo, place them in a horror setting, add in modern day thinking and split up everyone walking around in a dark house with a dark history?  Well my friends you get Saturday Morning Mystery or Massacre as the film was originally titled.  So how does this little twist on Scoob and the gang turn out?  Well mostly not too bad but there are a few places where the movie drops the ball severely.  Also, for all use pervo dudes out there who always thought Freddy and Daphne went and bumped uglies when they split from the group…well guess what…Daphne is a dirty little whore.

When I draw comparisons with this movie and Scooby Doo I’m not just doing so because I’m reaching for something clever.  I’m doing so because…the movie makes the connection…BIG time.

‘Saturday Morning Mystery’ starts off with a group of paranormal investigators comprised of two gals (one a nerdy girl and one a…well girl), two dudes (one a stoner and one a chubby looking Jim Halpert from the Office)and their Dog Scooby…I mean named Hamlet, investigating a supposed haunted location.  What they initially find is blood dripping down walls, demon creatures crawling upside down on ceilings, etc.  Well the gang discovers this is fake and it’s all a front for a child porn ring which they bust.   Just like Scooby Doo the ghosts are fake but the crimes are real.

So after getting their asses chewed out by the cops for busting their chance to build a case, Scoob and the gang meet at a diner to discuss their next options.  Going broke, the nerd girl(Velma) gets a call from a banker asking her group to come check out the Kaiser house and that he will pay some big bucks for them to figure out what is going on…thus we begin the main story.

With a tour of the house by a local cop the gang discovers the house’s dark history and back story, which to the film’s credit is pretty interesting actually and then they are left to set up their gear.  As the night unfolds we find out a little more about each character and more about what is happening in the house.  The events that transpire in the house are actually very well done for the most part and the viewer is left with the feeling that these people are finally going to get what they want…finding some real ghosts for a change.

What they find is a night of mayhem and fucked up shit.  Also, as a viewer I found a pretty interesting tale but also some very frustrating parts that kind of diminished the movie in my eyes a bit.  One of the problems I had were with the characters and how they kind of interacted with each other.  Some of that was really dumb especially one scene between the couple of the film?  I was thinking this dude is kind of not making sense?  Also, the stoner (Shaggy) REALLY annoyed me at first, though that cleared up later.  Another issue I had was when a couple of the characters were confronting the horrors of the house and how one of the characters was revealing some new revelation about the story, that really was conjecture, and then tried to talk to the bad guys about it…while said bad guy was advancing in a killing manner…which…ends poorly.  DUMB.  My final issue with the film was the convientley forgotten…loose end which was used later for a clichéd story device.

Despite these problems though I found Saturday Morning Mystery enjoyable and an interesting/neat take on a horror movie with the Scooby Doo element in it.  Also we see tits so thumbs up there.  It’s just unfortunate that some of the issues in the film really drop the film for me because for a low budget film they do a good job with what they have and the problems the film ended up having were story driven and not budget oriented.

If you get a chance and have some time to kill check out Saturday Morning Mystery/Massacre it’s not a bad movie just a good movie dragged down to average quality by some dumb story telling devices.




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