Music Review: Hell’s Island EP: Black Painted Circle

Label: Self-Released

Available: Now

Official Websites:


I received a link invitation to review a little EP by the band Hell’s Island based out of Italy asking me to give their EP, Black Painted Circle, a listen and see what I thought since they are getting ready to do a small mini tour through Austria and Germany.  So always wanting to help I decided to give the 4 track EP a quick listen so you the reader may know what to expect.

When listening to Hell’s Island I am reminded of bands like Alice in Chains, Soundgarden and other bands that were considered hard rock of the early to mid 90’s.  What you have is basically the melancholy vocal style and dreary music of bands that came out in the early 90’s that didn’t follow the metal sound that was known in the 1980’s.   For me personally, I never liked bands like these as they always seemed to put me to sleep and lacked energy.  However, this style of music has fans and if you like the Alternative Rock sound the Hell’s Island is the band that can deliver that do you as they play the style very well.

So to sum up this EP review what you basically have is this.  You have a modern day 90’s hard rock band.  If you like bands like Stone Temple Pilots, Alice in Chains and Soundgarden, Hell’s island will be a band you will for sure want to check out when they roll through Austria and Germany this coming December.  So Alt Rockers don’t miss your chance to check out Hell’s Island because you may not get a chance to see a band play this style of music much better than they do. 


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