Concert Review: Lost Society; Henry’s Pub August 27th, 2013

BY: TJ Fowler

Lost Society Backstage at Henry’s Pub

Do Lost Society ever put on a BAD show???  This marks the 4th time I have had the opportunity to see the young Finnish thrash band perform this year.  Fist at Tavastia Club in Helsinki, then at Sauna Open Air Festival in Tampere, then again in Helsinki  at the Tuska Open Air Festival then finally here in Kuopio at the smallest venue I have seen them at, Henry’s Pub.  No matter where or the size of the venue Lost Society brings the goods and excites the crowds.  Read on for a show run down!

Ossi having a facial problem...
Ossi having a spasm…

For those who do not know about Henry’s Pub here in Kuopio, Finland it is a small pub located underground that plays host to the metal bands that come through the town so it’s a cool venue to see a band in a intimate setting.  However with such small places come certain challenges at times such as crowd capacity and sound issues at times.  Well for Lost Society there were no sound issues at all.  They played their material from their debut album FAST , LOUD, DEATH with perfection to a VERY receptive and enthusiastic crowd crowd.  Speed and thrash metal is the name of the game here and with tunes like ‘Trash All Over You’, ‘N.W.L.’, ‘Kill (Those Who Oppose Me) among all the other classics from the album it’s hard for anyone not to have a good time at a Lost Society show.

Samy Screaming!
Samy Screaming!

Samy and Arttu play leads off each other like pros and Ossi’s drumming and Mirko’s bass playing drives the songs to a precise yet break neck speeding rhythm.  All this with Samy’s razor like vocals make every show a thrash metal fan’s wet dream come true.

There are a lot of new thrash bands coming out these days some good, some bad but Lost Society is one of the new elite thrash bands out this group of new bands hands down.

Go out buy ‘Fast, Loud, Death’, turn up the volume until your ears bleed then if Lost Society comes to town go out and watch them live so they can melt your face off with some non-stop thrashing death.

See my Video interview with the guys back stage HERE

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