HIRAX Release Cover Art and Tracklisting for Immortal Legacy, Tour with Flotsam & Jetsam confirmed!


Legendary Thrash Metal band HIRAX are about to release their new studio album called“Immortal Legacy”

Singer and mastermind Katon W. De Pena says: “We recorded the new album with legendary producer Bill Metoyer (Slayer, W.A.S.P., Armored Saint, Cirith Ungol and many others). This is our most epic sounding record to date, sonically powerful and over-the-top. 14 new raging thrash metal songs that will make you bang your head!!!”

Philip Lawvere, the artist behind such classic album covers as KREATOR’s Pleasure to Kill and CELTIC FROST’s Emperor’s Return has designed the new HIRAX Immortal Legacy album 2013 release. Lawvere had done stunning illustrations for numerous albums and is best known for a slew of thrash metal offerings released on Noise Records. HIRAX front man commented: “We couldn’t be happier to have Philip Lawvere illustrating the cover of our new album; after getting Bill Metoyer to produce it, this is truly the icing on the thrash metal cake!”

The album will be released in Germany on October 25th, in Europe on October 28th and in the US/Canada on October 22nd worldwide through SPV/Steamhammer as CD, gatefold coloured LP and download.


1.Hellion Rising

– The Conquests

– Thunder Roar

2. La Boca De La Bestia – Mouth of the Beast

3. Mass Hysteria

4. Tied to the Gallows Pole

5. Atlantis – Journey to Atlantis (instrumental)

6. Victims of the Dead

7. Black Smoke

8. Sign of the Wolf

9. Immortal Legacy

10. Violence of Action

11. Deceiver

12. Mephistopheles

13. Earthshaker (instrumental)

14. The World Will Burn (Suffer the World)

Don`t miss Hirax on the “Metal Apocalypse”- European Tour 2013 with Flotsam & Jetsam:


Flotsam & Jetsam + Hirax + supports

13.10 – Brno (CZ) “Melodka Klub”

14.10 – Warsaw (PL) “Progresja”

15.10 – Katowice (PL) “Mega Club”

16.10 – Ljubljana (SLO) “Gala Hala”

18.10 – Brescia (I) “Colony Club”

19.10 – Rome (I) “INIT club”

20.10 – Bologna (I) “ZR Club”

22.10 – Madrid (E) “Sala Arena”

23.10 – Barcelona (E) “Apollo 2”

24.10 – Montpellier (F) “Secret Place”

25.10 – Rennes (F) “Festival”

27.10 – Dendermonde (B) “JH Zenith”

28.10 – Rushden (GB) “Athletic Club”

29.10 – Wolverhampton (GB) “Wulfrun Hall”

30.10 – London (GB) “The Garage”

31.10 – Eindhoven (NL) “Effennar”

02.11 – Bochum (D) “Matrix”

=> more dates will be added soon





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