Music Review: Secrets of Sin CD: Future Memories


Label: Independent

Available: August 30th, 2013

Official Websites:


What have I just listened to?  A symphonic metal band? A female fronted rock band?  A unintentional joke?  I am leaning a bit towards the latter.  Secrets of Sin remind me of a band of people that really want to be a serious metal band but sound silly doing it.  Let’s tear into this nightmare.

The most obvious problem with Secrets of Sin is  most evident in the male lead singer Robert Mansk.  The guy just does not sound like he can be taken seriously when he sings.  There are also sections of songs where the female vocalist, Christina Groner fares no better.  I swear there were where the singing sounded like they were almost trying to rap or something by singing the lyrics in some quick and fast fashion.  It all just sounded really bad.

Musically, the album fares better, but not by much.  The musicians seem ok enough but the songs just go nowhere and do nothing for me as a listener.  So not only do the singer have to be tolerated but the music itself on the album is not redeemable enough to overlook the singers, which results in an album that really is kind of a structured train wreck.  I say structured only because the songs are composed and aren’t all over the place but that may be about the only positive thing I can say about ‘Future Memories’ and that is being generous.

If you are wanting to hear a symphonic metal band go out and get a Nightwish album or almost any other symphonic metal band that is out there.  You can do much better than what you will find here.



Christina Groner – Vocals

Michael Schier – Drums and Percussions

Robert Mansk – Guitar and Vocals

Niklas Rach – Guitar

Philipp Eiperle – Keys


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