Music Review: Taberah CD: Necromancer


Label: Dust on The Track Records

Available: September 13, 2013

Official Websites:

BY: Tj Fowler


I don’t always get an opportunity to hear a lot of metal bands from the land down under so it’s always interesting when I get an opportunity to do so.  This time I get to listen to the band called Taberah.  Considering the Australia’s biggest export in terms of anything remotely close to a metal act is AC/DC I think it’s time someone there stepped up to the plate and deliver the newer generation of metal fans a big metal act.  However for right now I think fans are still going to have to wait awhile and be content with Kylie Minogue.

That last statement probably seems a bit harsh towards Taberah.  Taberah does not resemble Minogue’s music in any way nor am I trying to imply that they should.  Taberah is traditional styled metal band that goes back to the days of NWOBHM style of metal which I feel can only be a good thing.  I think however where Taberah falls short with ‘Necromancer’ is that there isn’t a lot of songs that really elevates the band.  It seems to my ears the band is still trying to find its musical footing a bit.  I think where the band is the weakest is with the singer as the other musicians in the band can deliver but the singer can’t seem to deliver the goods in a convincing enough fashion as of yet.

I see Taberah as a band that has a lot of potential but just need get a few things polished up a bit.  Maybe get the singer to get a little growl in his voice.  As of right now though, Taberah’s ‘Necromancer’ is secretly a great album but trapped by a few shortcomings that make it an above average album instead.

RATING: 2.75/5


Jonathon Barwick = Guitar + Vocals
Myles ‘Flash’ Flood = Guitar
Tom “Bam Bam” Brockman = Drums
Dave ‘The Doctor’ Walsh = Bass


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