Music Review: Fade-Out CD: Welcome to My Hell

Fade-Out - Welcome to My Hell - 2013

Label: GlobMetal

Available: Now


I never was a fan of Nu-metal.  I always felt the genre was filled with prentious assholes whp thought they were legitimate musicians when in fact they were not any better than the a 8th grade talent show band just a lot less mature and intelligent.  Now I have before me a Nu-metal band out of Russia called Fade Out with their offering, ‘Welcome to My Hell’.  So unsurprisingly when I saw it was a Nu-Metal band I was not overjoyed to have to listen to the album.  However sometime I find myself being surprised in a good way by band that I think I would normally hate.  So is this one of those occasions or was this an introduction to Nu-metal hell for me?

The good news is Fade-Out seems like a Nu-metal band that can actually set themselves apart from others of the genre and sound distinct.  The bad news is, this genre isn’t filled with a lot of bands to set yourself apart from.  Fade-Out is fronted by a female singer and musically they sound different in the sense that the songs are not just a bunch of down tuned E strings.  However there still isn’t much here in the terms of catchy/engaging songs.

While Fade-Out seems to change the formula of Nu-metal they still come up with the same answer to the old equation.  No distinct songs, growly vocals to seem angry and monotony.  Fortunately most of the songs on the album are short, which made it listenable to me at least and more palatable but alas there isn’t much here for fans outside of the Nu-metal genre.

Unless you are a Nu-metal fan give Fade-Out a pass or you may be subjecting yourself to a lot of boredom.

Rating: 2/5


Katerina «PaniKa» Davidova – voices,
Roman «Dagen» Davidov – guitar, administration,
Roman «Asid» Kurlykin – bass,
Evgeniy Yakunin – drums,
Ilia Sysoev – guitar.


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