ACCEPT Guitarist Wolf Hoffmann Featured In New Video Interview – “Our Upcoming Album Is Hopefully Going To Be Out Next


ACCEPT guitarist Wolf Hoffmann is featured in a new audio interview with Metal Shock Finland, which can be found here. Video is also available:

An excerpt is available below:

On Accept’s next album: “Our upcoming album is hopefully going to be out next year. We’ve started working on writing some songs, we haven’t recorded anything yet. But over the winter and maybe early next year we’ll start recording it and try to make it every bit as good as the last one, maybe even better if we succeed, we’ll see. It’s going to be as heavy as the rest!“

On his next solo classical album: “There’s a lot of it done already, but still a lot to do. Whenever I have some free time when I’m not working for Accept, that’s what I work on. I spent the last few days with Andy Sneap working on new material – we’re getting ready to get the first glimpse of these new tracks. It’s gonna be next year before it’s released, I’ll not start recording till January or February.“

Accept recently launched their official Fan Club, Metal Hearts, which can be used as one more way to connect with the band and other fans worldwide.

Join now free on the web or mobile – follow Accept on tour, receive and share audio, videos, pictures and more with the band. You can find the links to the mobile apps when you signup the first time on the website and or by searching for Accept on iOS and Android app store. There will also be exclusive offers to Metal Hearts Fan Club members only – stay tuned for more updates coming soon!


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