Music Review: Equilibrium CD: Waldschrein EP

Equilibrium - Waldschrein - Artwork

Label: Nuclear Blast Records

Available: NOW

Official Website:



EP’s can be a funny thing.  They tend to be only about 4-5 songs and can either show how much talent a band really has to unleash upon the public OR they can be a cruel trickster and only contain a few songs that are memorable and those songs will be the only songs the band will ever be known for when their LP comes out.  For a band to be around for 12 years is also a testament that the band is more memorable than a few songs on a single EP.  So what can this EP tell us about Equilibrium and what they can offer us as a listener?  Well…grab a copy of Skyrim and your tickets to a renaissance festival and prepare some good old fashion Pagan Metal!

‘Walderschrein’ features 5 tracks one of which is a cover of the opening musical score of the video game ‘Skyrim’, a re-recording of an older song, a recording of an unreleased older song and the title track which is an original song of which there is also an acoustic version on the EP.  So essentially you have a 5 song EP with 2 tracks being the same tune but the only one that is a new track/original.

For me this wasn’t an issue as this was an introduction for me to the band.  For fans of the band you will already know probably what to expect here.  As for the music itself I was really impressed and happy with what I heard.  You have very catchy music and an epic sound that makes you really want to grab a broadsword and a helmet and go into battle.  The vocals are growly and kind of black metal-ish in style but not overly so to the point it will turn a listener off.  The sound overall is big and open and pulls you in which to me makes this a successful endeavor.

I tend to not give EP’s scores since they don’t really give you an encompassing view of a bands complete work for an album and I won’t do so here.  However I will recommend someone who is interested in epic/folk metal music but don’t want the silliness that comes with power metal at times.  Equilibrium are a solid band that has been around for some time and ‘Walderschrein’ is a great introduction for someone who is unfamiliar with the band, such as I, and I recommend you pick it up.  If you already know the band you might want to pass as it contains mostly things you probably have already heard unless you are a collector.


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