Music Review: Sirenia CD: Perils of the Deep Blue

Sirenia - Perils Of The Deep Blue - Artwork

Label: Nuclear Blast Records

Available: NOW

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Well here we have another symphonic metal band based out of Norway.  This actually should make Sirenia quite unique that it’s not a black metal band instead, though there seems to be a few elements of the black metal culture in this album which I will discuss a bit later.  In this day and age there are many symphonic metal bands with female singers popping up everywhere.  We have Nightwish, Visions of Atlantis, Epica, Lacuna Coil and many more.  As a result we have a lot of bands that vary in quality.  Sirenia have been around long enough to be veterans now in the music business so they are doing something right to still be around.  So what does Sirenia’s new offering ‘Perils of the Deep Blue’ give us to help it stand apart from others in the crowd?  Well get your corpse paint ready and I will tell you…

As I just mentioned there are a lot of the female symphonic metal bands out there trying to carve out their place in the music world.  To do so you have to offer something a bit unique for your listeners.  In this regard for Sirenia, it’s the black metal-ish vocals of guitarist Morten Veland to give contrast to the female vocalist Ailyn.  The first track showcasing this style is ‘Seven Widows Weep’ which get the album going with some great guitars and vocals from both vocalists.  Really a great song here and I was really pumped up to hear what the rest of the album had to offer after this!

Unfortunately for me as a listener, I don’t feel the album capitalizes on the strengths portrayed in ‘Seven Widows Weep’.  Other songs on the album still use the contrasting vocal styles and the aggressive guitars some but not as much and as the album progresses it just seems to go on forever.  By the time the album was wrapping up I was kind of losing interest in what was going on.

This being said, I still feel Sirenia will offer fans of the genre something to sink their teeth into as I feel it is a solid album, it just gets bit long in the tooth.  As a new listener of the band I was still impressed enough to look forward to some new material from the band and want to go back and listen to some older stuff to see what Sirenia has to offer.  So in that regard Sirenia has succeeded with their new album ‘Perils of the Deep Blue’ and if you have the chance give it a listen you should find something you might like.

Rating 3.25/5


Morten Veland – guitars, vocals
Ailyn – vocals
Jonathan A. Perez – drums
Jan Erik Soltvedt – guitars

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