Panzerfaust – JEHOVAH-JIREH: The Divine Anti-logos

Label: Boonsdale Records

Available: Now

Official homepage:

by: Juuso Viljanen

This must be the very first time I get to hear Canadian black metal. If I listened to this album without knowing that they’re from Canada, I could imagine them being from Sweden.

‘JEHOVAH-JIREH: The Divine Anti-logos’ is third full-lenght album of Panzerfaust. Their style of black metal is more atmospheric than brutal, but still this album has both of them. I’m a fan of both styles of black metal and maybe that’s why I enjoy listening to this album so much.

Evil guitar riffs, crushing drums, brutal and perhaps a bit wistful melodies with perfect growling vocals by Goliath and Kaizer make this music stand out from the endless pit of black metal bands. Their sound is close to legendary bands like Marduk and Gorgoroth, but still they can sound like a band that has created something totally new. The best part of the music is that Panzerfaust creates riffs and melodies that aren’t already familiar from about a hundred black metal albums. I guess Canada isn’t so bad after all?

As Panzerfaust’s Facebook page says: “Every man who buys a Panzerfaust album inherits a curse against themselves”. I can imagine this being true. The album sounds like it carries a curse inside and it is unleashed as music on the record fades out. I hope I can live long enough to hear the next Panzerfaust album.

RATING: 4½ / 5


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