Jammit.com has issued the following announcement:

“We’re proud to announce the addition of JUDAS PRIEST to the Jammit catalog! Starting with songs from Screaming For Vengeance, a classic Priest song will be available in Jammit format every week. Jammit allows you to isolate an instrument that would be otherwise embedded in the mix and view the ultra-accurate notation all in one easy to use piece of software. Whether you play guitar, bass, drums or sing vocals, you’ll be able to hear nuances in your favorite Priest songs that you’ve never heard before. Slow down and looping features make it even easier to learn to play the parts precisely the way they were originally recorded. Stay tuned for your weekly Judas Priest release.”

‘You’ve Got Another Thing Comin” and ‘Bloodstone’ are available now at this location.

The Metal God himself, Rob Halford, recently graced the Hangar 19 airwaves with his presence to discuss a number of topics with host Cutter, including the band’s brand new live DVD Epitaph. He addressed the subject of future Judas Priest tour dates with some good news that will be pleasing to metal fans worldwide.

“There’s no way you can put the brakes on rock n’ roll. There’s always another stage to play somewhere in the world… We are just going to slow it down a little bit… There’s a lot more to come from Priest without a doubt.”

After being in metal for 40 years, Halford reflected on the one moment that stands out most for Judas Priest: “I always have to go right to the beginning. That day that we all received the one copy of our new record in the mail… It’s just a tremendous rush, because you feel this could be the moment…when you know that you have made something that could go away from your shores to other points around the world, and your music can touch people thousands of miles away… it’s just a blast.”

Hangar 19


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